Archive for December 6th, 2007

Gerbsman Partners has published a new story on our website; “The Tipping Point – Its Here”. It makes for some thoughtful reading and discusses some well formulated insights and observations on the economic and political issues for maximizing enterprise value in the upcoming business crisis.

“As time passes, we have become increasingly struck by our inability to predict events on a macro scale and by the fundamental randomness of such events. We also note that most professionals whose business it is to make such predictions, such as security analysts, marketing strategy consultants, economists and mutual fund managers, have an abysmal record. It is very educational to look back five years at their predictions and compare such predictions to what actually occurred. Most of these professionals simply project forward existing trends and miss “Black Swan” events, such as the Crash of 1987, the Savings and Loan crisis, the September 11 attacks, the current Sub-Prime Mortgage, or more positively, the impact of the Internet.”

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