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Mickelson tweeted out an inspirational quote 12 days ago, and it seemed to all come together after winning the PGA Championship on Sunday evening.

“I’ve failed many times in my life and career and because of this I’ve learned a lot,” Mickelson wrote. “Instead of feeling defeated countless times, I’ve used it as fuel to drive me to work harder. So today, join me in accepting our failures. Let’s use them to motivate us to work even harder.”

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I have been supporting a new company called Bansho, a new service that gives freedom and relief to parents of K-8th graders by providing on-demand support for their learning at home.

Parents have been using Bansho for a variety of focus areas for their kids: building math competence and confidence, leveling up in reading and literacy skills, or establishing productive study habits and routines.

I like what they’re doing, so I wanted to reach out to you. These teachers are highly skilled at developing relationships, building confidence, and establishing routines virtually. The 1:1 learning support programs they’ve developed have been a great support system for busy parents and it seems like it’s going to be a big hit for the summer and beyond.

If you’re interested to learn more, fill out the form at www.bansho.com OR call +13474941481 to chat with the Bansho team directly. You can also check out some of the ads they are running below to see more about how Bansho is helping families:

Education for our children is the key to success. Please take a look

best regards

Steve Gerbsman – investor

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Silicon Valley Venture Capital Survey – First Quarter 2021
By Cynthia Clarfield Hess, Mark A. Leahy, Khang Tran

Fenwick’s latest VC survey is in. We analyzed the terms of 259 venture financings closed in the first quarter of 2021 by companies headquartered in Silicon Valley, finding valuation results not only continued their momentum from the last quarter of 2020, but reached new historical highs. 

Key Findings Include:
We saw the highest average and median price increases recorded in the history of the survey.Late-stage financings recorded greatest gains in average and median price increases compared to the prior quarter.Valuations strengthened across all industries.Use of senior liquidation preferences and participation rights remained low.
Learn more about Q1 2021 venture trends.

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