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13 Must-Have Free Shopping Apps For Black Friday

Alison Griswold and Mandi Woodruff

Black Friday is only a week away, so it’s time to start preparing.
For the annual shopping frenzy, you’d be wise to give yourself a leg up on the competition. To find the best bargains, the most important tool will be your smartphone.

We’ve compiled a list of Black Friday shopping apps that should be your go-tos for the post-Thanksgiving extravaganza. They’re sure to help you land deals, and some from the comfort of your own home.

The best part? They’re all free.

Click here to see the 13 must-have apps »

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/free-apps-for-black-friday-deals-2013-11?op=1#ixzz2lzVpu86l

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To our friends in the US, Europe and Israel

Happy, Safe and Healthy Thanksgiving & Hanukkah

During this “Thanksgiving & Festival of Lights”, may you and your family
find joy and comfort with each other.

May you enjoy Life, and live with the knowledge that even
in times of challenge, frustration and change, we are
maintaining the focus of our religious and secular heritage.

Our legacy, of who we are and who our children become, is
in our hands.  We learn from the PAST to insure the FUTURE.
We must NEVER forget the origins of our past.

Ethics, Integrity, Strength, Dignity and Purpose are the foundations
that must continue to be built on, to insure the longevity of our
our children and our families.

We continue to HONOR and say THANK YOU, to the members of the
US Armed Forces and Israel Defense Forces who insure freedom
and liberty for our way of life.

Enjoy Family, Be Safe and Live Life


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Remembering JFK


While watching and reading all the reports on JFK the past week, I saw these photographs.  They reminded me of an earlier and simpler time when Leadership, Commitment and Hope prevailed.

It was 3:03 pm on Friday, November 22, 1963 when I came out of class at Hunter College.  Students were gathered around the student union building, some crying, but most talking in somber tones.  My friends and I immediately went to our Fraternity House and for the next days we watched as events unfolded.  We didn’t really comprehend the magnitude of our loss/the countries loss at that time, we were just in shock and disbelief.  All Americans and the World grieved and we all were changed in some way that day.

My most vivid memories are of JFK above, in the rocking chair, instilling confidence and hope and then below as a father, balancing his life’s duties.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt and Kennedy, all exemplified “Hope for the Future” and demonstrated traits of responsibility and accountability.

May God Bless the memory of JFK and may we always remember the  ‘Camelot” that once was and could have been.


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Silicon Valley Venture Survey – Third Quarter 2013

November 20, 2013

We analyzed the terms of venture financings for 128 companies headquartered in Silicon Valley that reported raising money in the third quarter of 2013.

Overview of Fenwick & West Results
Valuation results in 3Q13 showed a noticeable increase over 2Q13, including the greatest difference between up and down rounds in over six years. The software industry was especially strong, not only valuation-wise, but also in the number of deals.

Here are the more detailed results:

  • Up rounds exceeded down rounds 73% to 8%, with 19% of rounds flat. This was a significant increase from 2Q13 when up rounds exceeded down rounds 64% to 22% with 14% flat, and the best quarter (measured by amount by which up rounds exceeded down rounds) since 3Q07.
  • The Fenwick & West Venture Capital Barometer™ showed an average price increase of 65% in 3Q13, an increase from the 62% reported in 2Q13.
  • The median price increase of financings in 3Q13 was 43%, a noticeable increase from the 19% and 14% reported in 2Q13 and 1Q13, respectively.
  • The results by industry are set forth below. In general internet/digital media slightly edged out software for best valuation performance, although there were significantly more software deals than internet/digital media, as software deals were 53% of all deals, the highest amount since we began tracking results by industry in 1Q10. Life Science fell to 10.2% of all deals, the lowest percentage since 1Q10.
  • The percentage of financings with participating liquidation preference was 27%, the lowest amount since we began our survey in 2002 and an indication of an entrepreneur friendly environment.

Overview of Other Industry Data
Overall the venture environment improved in 3Q13, but due to a slow start 2013 lags 2012 in some categories.

  • Venture investing in 3Q13 increased, bringing the first three quarters of 2013 approximately even with 2012, although trailing 2011.
  • IPOs were again strong in 3Q13. Although 2013 is expected to be the best year for venture backed IPOs since 2007, much of the increase through the first three quarters has been focused in the life science sector.
  • M&A improved noticeably in 3Q13, but 2013 is on track to have the lowest number of acquisitions of venture backed companies since 2009.
  • Venture fundraising improved over a weak 2Q13, but 2013 was on track to be the lowest fundraising year since 2010.
  • Corporate venture capital participation continued to increase.
  • Angel financing results were mixed. And with new more liberal regulations regarding public solicitations and crowd funding, the angel financing world is likely in for some changes.
  • Venture capitalist sentiment hit the highest level since the 2008 recession.

The more detailed results follow: http://www.fenwick.com/publications/Pages/Silicon-Valley-Venture-Survey-Third-Quarter-2013.aspx?WT.mc_id=2013.Q3_VCS_BK

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Tips for keeping a level head when selling your business

Curtis Kroeker, Partner Contributor and Group General Manager for BizBuySell.com and BizQuest


Image provided by ThinkStock (Jacob Wackerhausen)

There are many things to consider before selling your business, such as scoping out the for-sale market and finding the right time to exit.
While most business owners have put significant thought into those more tangible aspects of selling their company, some overlook the most difficult part of the selling process — the emotional distress that parting with their business can bring.

Selling a business can without a doubt be an emotional and even painful experience. However, if you are selling, you likely have a reason for doing so, and negative emotions will hijack the success of the sale. It is important to follow the tips below to keep a level head in the process.

Prepare a comprehensive exit strategy

Just as any event or situation can be negatively impacted by emotional baggage, so too can the profitable and timely sale of a business be jeopardized by intense feelings of owner unease.

The best thing to do to appease those feelings will be to prepare a comprehensive exit strategy long before the upending sale.

Part of this plan should include seriously considering future plans. In not doing so, you leave more room for your emotions to threaten the sale. Include your family in this process, especially if you have managed the business for a number of years.

It will likely be just as important for them to get accustomed with the idea of a different owner.

Consult with others

It is critical that you remain focused on your operation until it is officially sold, but doing so during the sales process can take a major emotional and physical toll.

The best way to refute that is to consult with professionals (brokers, attorneys, accountants, etc.) during the process to undertake various seller functions. Professionals bring objectivity to the business that you might not be able to during the emotional sales process.

While professionals make the best colleagues, your peers will have thoughtful and likely personal opinions to bring to the table, which can help you assess how you want to move forward in the sale. Trusting members of your peer network and seeking advice about their experiences will allow you to lighten your emotional load and see the sale with a refreshed perspective.

Continue with the business or move on

One of the most important things you should do during the sales process is to continue putting 100 percent effort into its success until it has been officially signed over to the new owners. Forgoing this step might result in dropped deals during due diligence.

However, if you aren’t planning on continuing with the business — or if the new owner has not expressed interest in your staying on board — then it might be a bad idea to check in on the business post-sale. While it might be difficult to accept, the buyers have the legal right to make changes to the business — even if you don’t agree with them.

The same goes for speaking to former employees about the “new” business, especially in social situations. Questioning the new owner and his practices will only demean their new boss’s credibility and, in addition, your former employees’ connection with the company.

Determine your future plan

Conversely, if the buyer does express an interest in you staying with the company for a few months in order to more easily transition the business, you should think carefully about the role you want to play.

If you feel that in doing so you will create more emotional distress, you will most likely be unable to perform your duties in a professional manner. By determining what you can handle long before the final papers are signed, you will have given yourself time to either move on or disconnect yourself enough to assist the new owner on a consulting basis.

Managing the emotional toll of a sale is not simple, but the bottom line is that you have to move on. While the emotions are real, it is time for you to look forward and embrace what the next stage of your life might bring.

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