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To our friends in the US, Europe and Israel

Happy, Safe and Healthy Thanksgiving & Hanukkah

During this “Thanksgiving & Festival of Lights”, may you and your family
find joy and comfort with each other.

May you enjoy Life, and live with the knowledge that even
in times of challenge, frustration and change, we are
maintaining the focus of our religious and secular heritage.

Our legacy, of who we are and who our children become, is
in our hands.  We learn from the PAST to insure the FUTURE.
We must NEVER forget the origins of our past.

Ethics, Integrity, Strength, Dignity and Purpose are the foundations
that must continue to be built on, to insure the longevity of our
our children and our families.

We continue to HONOR and say THANK YOU, to the members of the
US Armed Forces and Israel Defense Forces who insure freedom
and liberty for our way of life.

Enjoy Family, Be Safe and Live Life


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