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I have been supporting a new company called Bansho, a new service that gives freedom and relief to parents of K-8th graders by providing on-demand support for their learning at home.

Parents have been using Bansho for a variety of focus areas for their kids: building math competence and confidence, leveling up in reading and literacy skills, or establishing productive study habits and routines.

I like what they’re doing, so I wanted to reach out to you. These teachers are highly skilled at developing relationships, building confidence, and establishing routines virtually. The 1:1 learning support programs they’ve developed have been a great support system for busy parents and it seems like it’s going to be a big hit for the summer and beyond.

If you’re interested to learn more, fill out the form at www.bansho.com OR call +13474941481 to chat with the Bansho team directly. You can also check out some of the ads they are running below to see more about how Bansho is helping families:

Education for our children is the key to success. Please take a look

best regards

Steve Gerbsman – investor

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