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Robert Chesney, of Chesney Communications discusses Web 2.0 and Network Exposure to your Website.

A 30 second spot on the 2008 Super Bowl will again cost over a million dollars and a large percentage of the viewers will miss seeing the commercial as they visit the refrigerator or bathroom.

Your website can now feature powerful sales messages on Video for literally pennies on the dollar of typical TV advertising thanks to exciting new technology of Video on Your Website. Flash Video Files are now streaming faster than ever dreamed possible without the hassles of expensive servers and huge bandwidth costs. Currently less, than one in a thousand websites employ Video Commercials/Infomercials and are missing out on opportunities galore. Many that are using the technology experience outstanding results with an extraordinary return on investment.

Companies wishing to benefit from Web 2.0 should first strategize what message do they want to send to their web visitors. We’ve counseled clients that there are three kinds of Video Messages: 1) Those that YELL (the majority of amateurish and You Tube type productions. 2) Those that TELL (a talking head reading of the web text) and 3) Those that SELL the prospect on doing business with that company.

With the low cost of entry into Video Production, it seems that anyone with a home video camera and a computer considers themselves a Producer. The results are obvious: Many plays and no business.

Our approach is based upon a very old axiom, “people do business with people”, all things being equal. Sure price, quality and service are important criteria, but when there is a relationship between the buyer and seller one usually gets all three.

Thus, a simple welcome greeting from a founder, CEO or business owner that begins that connection is proving to be the most effective use of this Web 2.0 technology.

Our advice is to have the company leader well coached in the art of Television presentation, presenting a “spoken word” script with all of the sincerity and charisma they can muster.

Of course the production quality of the video is important because today’s viewing audience is very discerning. These are the same people that walk out of $40 million dollar movies saying, “That was a waste of time!”
The good news is that professional assistance is available and affordable to help companies of every size create measurable results from the use of this exciting and powerful Web 2.0 technology.

Robert Chesneyis the Executive Producer of Chesney Communications based in Irvine, CA. As host of the business television program, Window on Wall Street, Chesney has interviewed over 6,000 CEO’s of publicly traded companies and an expert in bringing out the best in executives. Examples of this technology can be seen at http://www.videocc.com/ http://www.videocc.com and Mr. Chesney is available for complimentary phone consultations for interested parties. He can be reached at 949.378.5134

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