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Gerbsman Partners has been retained by Hercules Technology Growth Capital , the senior secured lender to Teleflip Inc. , to solicit interest for the acquisition of substantially all of Teleflip’ assets, including its Intellectual Property , Patents, processes and other intangibles in whole or in part (collectively, the “Teleflip Assets”).

As of August 11, 2008 Teleflip shut down its operations. Hercules, the senior lender, is presently working with the Teleflip on a “Friendly Foreclosure of Assets”, and Teleflip will selling the Assets of Teleflip.

TeleFlip has two award-winning, nationally recognized mobile messaging services that uniquely bridge the internet & cell phone networks to deliver push emails to mobile phones via the SMS data channel, leveraging the existing text messaging inbox found on every mobile phone throughout the world.

• “FlipMail” enables mobile phone users to receive their current personal and business emails from virtually every POP, webmail, and Microsoft Exchange email accounts, without any new or special software downloads or a mobile internet connections to use the service. Users signup for FlipMail by simply providing their email address, email password, and mobile phone number. Emails are then converted to text messages and parsed, sequenced, and concatenated to be easily displayed and read on the phone.

• “Flipout” allows people to send emails from their existing email accounts, either client-based or webmail-based emails, directly to a mobile phone user with the email converted delivered to the mobile phone as a text message. No software is needed by the PC-sender of an email, nor by mobile phone-receiver. Senders simply send an email to the mobile phone user by addressing the email to “their cell phone number @teleflip.com”, eg, 3105551212@teleflip.com <mailto:3105551212@teleflip.com> , and the email then shows up as text message on mobile phone without having to know the recepient’s mobile phone operator.

• “Mobile Ad Platform” is a proprietary advertising insertion technology that easily allows for any length of advertisement to be placed within a Flipmail or Flipout text message delivered to the cell phone.

FlipMail and Flipout are operated as hosted, ASP-based services. Teleflip’s technology infrastructure consists of a Unique Network Unification™ Process which maps and routes and converts messages from the email messaging network and pushes them to the mobile handset through the SMS data channel.

The company has co-lo facilities and server networks which are carrier grade, redundant, and load balanced on the East and West Coasts, and was designed for easy scalability.

For more information, please contact Steven R. Gerbsman at steve@gerbsmanpartners.com

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