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Our first grandchild was born at 9:05 AM on February 8, 2009. Forty-five minutes later, our son walked into the waiting room with a great big smile and gave each of the grandparents a big hug. With anticipation, we then went in the recovery room. There was our daughter-in-law holding this beautiful gift of life, our grandchild.

Regardless of the day to day challenges that we all face , the Birth of a Baby brings forth the joys of Love and Hope.

To our grandchild on this magnificent day, we pass on to you the blessings of your forefathers.

“Go forth into the world and Live a Long, Prosperous and Fruitful Life. Bring Honor to Yourself, your Family and your Heritage. Have Ethics and Integrity, Love your Family and have Hope for the Future”.

From your proud and loving Grandparents

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