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Never Judge a Book by its Cover

Radio and TV commentators have been talking all day about a contestant on “Britains Got Talent”.  So, I am sitting in my office and listening to Susan Boyle, the person they were all talking about  ( go to http://www.youtube.com ).

An average 47 year old woman came on stage and had a dream to be a singer. When she walked out the crowd and the judges were against her;  she did not have the looks, demeanor and or stage presence to be a singer.  She began to sing, I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserable and it was FANTASTIC.  She had the voice of an Angel.

Amanda Holden, one of the three judges said when it came her turn to voice her opinion – “I am so thrilled, because I know everyone was against you.  I honestly think that we were all being very cynical and that was the biggest wake up call ever. It was a complete privilege to listen to you, it was inspirational”.

In today’s challenging times its easy to be cynical.  Never judge a book by its cover and like Susan Boyle – Dream a Dream.  As we all go forth in the world, Live your life for the Integrity of your Name, the Love of your Family and Hope for the Future.

Winston Churchill once said to the British People – ” Never, Ever, Ever, Ever, Ever, Ever Give UP”.

Susan Boyle, in a challenging world, you are an inspiration and the sunshine of hope and we will never again judge a book by its cover.

Be healthy, be safe and enjoy family


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