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Here is some good news posted at WSJ Venture dispatch. Please visit them for the whole article by clicking here.

“When chief information officers from across the country gathered Wednesday in Cambridge, Mass., for the sixth annual Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan CIO Symposium, talk was of virtualization and cloud computing, and the forecast was for a reconstruction of business IT infrastructure made more urgent by the economy’s troubles.

One panelist, MIT Professor Erik Brynjolfsson, even went so far as to say this period could become known in information technology lore as “the great restructuring.” He said it would have three elements, experimentation, measurement and building on scale.

Author James Champy, chairman of consulting at Perot Systems Corp., said many industries have overbuilt IT capacity and face a three-to-five-year challenge to right-size. He advised CIOs to reduce the cost basis of the enterprise to remove top line uncertainty across the business and to generate cash to invest in innovation.”

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