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Here is a good article from Daily Markets.

“The technology sector has always been about The Next Big Thing, and while next year will be no exception, products and services purchased will more reflect the needs of consumers and businesses – unlike the past when more tech buys reflected “wants.”

Call 2010 the year of “necessary technology.”

While 2009 has seen a dramatic turnaround in the world’s stock markets, the rest of the key economic indicators – such as manufacturing, inventories, and jobs – have lagged behind. This has prompted less discretionary spending on technology, and even a postponement of some necessary purchases.

Slowly but surely businesses and consumers – while still extremely cautious – are seeing their own turnarounds. To aid them with their own recoveries, necessary technology that has emerged in the last two years will grab more mindshare as well as market share.

These necessary technologies will result in the deferred purchase waiting period seen last year coming to an end in 2010, giving a boost to three key technology businesses, including:

  • Semiconductors: The industry’s leading indicator is already making a comeback, and is poised for growth on the backs of almost every other business in the industry. One company in particular could see huge gains in the burgeoning smartphone market, and chances are you haven’t heard of it.
  • Mobile Devices: Taking computing on the road – be it in the form of a smartphone, netbook or tablet – will become more commonplace. The ripple effect from this will present a wide range of investment opportunities – from carriers to advertisers to the companies that make the phones.
  • Software and hardware: ” Do more with less,” already an oft-heard phrase in the jobless recovery, will continue to be heard. But new software and hardware doesn’t require an annual salary and benefits, so expect this category to finally bounce back.

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