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Secrets of Success – an excerpt from “ Good Guys Wear BLACK” – the Life and Times of a Crisis Manager “

Over the past 40 years, I have learned and hopefully executed the characteristics for success, outlined below, in good and turbulent times. They are tried and true.

1.  Have Ethics and Integrity – Be Dependable and Responsible

2.  Attitude – Always, Always be Positive

3.  Desire – Have the desire to do the Best You Can

4.  Consistency – Be consistent in good times and challenging times

5.  Ability – Keep on learning- develop new skills – continue your education – listen and most important, it is OK to say “I don’t know” and “I need help”.

6. Take Action and Risks – Don’t be afraid to make mistakes- that is how you learn, that is how you grow

7. Communicate – Communicate – Communicate – People will tell you when to stop communicating and more important, keep interested parties in the loop and you will be respected by all.

8. Listen – one of the hardest things to do, however we all learn something and grow when we listen

9. Always focus on #1 above, nothing else matters.  Have ETHICS and INTEGRITY. Be DEPENDABLE and take RESPONSIBILITY for your actions.

Interestingly, when I lecture at various MBA programs this topic is well received by students.  Comments range from “I am glad this is being discussed” to “Its good to know these values are still important to success”.

In today’s Turbulent Times, hopefully the guidance above will provide a road to success, performance and happiness.


Steve Gerbsman

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