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As my son and I watched my daughter-in-law (his wife) and her Breast Cancer survivor friend reach the 23 mile mark yesterday (of a 26 mile walk at the Avon Breast Cancer Walk in DC), we were both in awe of their determination and commitment.  They, along with many, many others, “walked and raised money” to provide the researchers with the resources to find a cure.

Woman and men, old and young, walked through pain and with grit to demonstrate their support for this important cause.

As I watched them, we and the other many supporters cheered them on.  Smiles and hugs encouraged them and they endured.

Lauren and Danielle completed another 14 miles today.  We will celebrate their victory tonight.

I salute you both for your Courage, Commitment and for the Hope you and others bring.

A job well done.

Love DAD

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