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Based on the strategic growth and access to the Brazilian market, Gerbsman Partners has established a “strategic relationship” with a Brazilian medical device manufacturing and distribution company.   This 24 year old wholly owned family company, is seeking additional product opportunities in the medical device, technology and low tech areas, for manufacturing, licensing and/or distribution.

With the significant growth in Brazil (190 million people) and South American and with The World Cup and The Olympics coming to Brazil, this BRIC country is growing at a significant pace and can offer US, Israeli and European companies “access” to a a highly desirable market.

The company presently is profitable, has no debt, complies with all local regulatory aspects, has international quality manufacturing certification for medical devices, a direct sales and distribution network in place, access to other European and Asian markets and strategic alliances with other Brazilian high and low tech Brazilian companies.


The company was founded in 1988 by a leading Doctor and Lawyer/Business Person and was the first company to manufacture and commercialize the Women’s Health Products (Disposable Vaginal Specula (instrument used by the Gynecologists to examine their patients) in Brazil.  Encouraged by the success of its first product, the company launched other disposable medical devices to substitute the reusable ones, i.e. Anuscopes, Sigmoidoscopes, Forceps, etc. For over 22 years the company has been the absolute leader in all the markets in which it competes.

The company is presently divided into 2 business units. The first one, the core of the company, manufactures and commercializes disposable medical products. The company has its own production plant and a solid distribution network throughout the country composed of its own sales team, distributors and sales reps. (5 sales reps and over 400 distributors).

The other unit was created in 2004 and distributes medical products from an American company focused on Women’s Health. This unit is seeking to identify additional products through licensing or manufacturing.

The company also exports to France, England, Poland, Chile, India and Portugal.

The company is building a new production facility to increase its capacity and also to be open and ready to opportunities of manufacturing new products in Brazil. The new facility will have 50.000 square feet divided as follow:

  • 7.000 square feet for plastic Injection
  • 6.000 square feet for packaging
  • 6.000 square feet for assembling
  • 15.000 square feet still open for new products/projects

The company has high quality and well preserved machines for plastic injection, extrusion, cervical brush manufacture, gloves and packaging.

The company has all the international quality certificates to manufacture and distribute medical products, i.e. GMP, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2004 and CE Mark and it is also in compliance with all rules and regulations of the local health agency called ANVISA. The company has no debt, is profitable and has sales revenues in excess of $ 16 million US dollars.  Along with the founders, the company has added their son to the executive team.  He is a recent MBA graduate in the US and has domain expertise in finance and engineering with major Fortune 500 companies.

As indicated above, Gerbsman Partners is seeking to identify interested companies seeking to access the Brazilian market in the medical device, technology and/or low tech areas.  This access would be through licensing, joint venture, distribution and/or manufacturing.

Please call me to discuss your interest and I will set up a dialog directly with the company.

Best regards

Steve Gerbsman

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Article from SFGate.

“Facebook has sold about $6.6 million worth of its shares to the investment fund GSV Capital Corp. as the company is believed to be preparing for an initial public offering next year.

GSV said Monday that it had purchased 225,000 shares in the world’s most popular social network at an average price of $29.28 per share. The investment makes up about 15 percent of the publicly traded fund’s total portfolio.

On its website, GSV describes itself as a way for its investors to access “dynamic and rapidly growing” companies ahead of their IPOs.

The investment fund did not say how large its stake in Facebook is, compared with the company’s overall ownership, and did not offer clues to the overall valuation of the social network.

A $500 million investment in the Palo Alto company by Goldman Sachs and Digital Sky Technologies in January valued the company at $50 billion, though some anticipate the IPO will push the company to a valuation of as much as $100 billion.”

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