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By Tony Fish, founder AMF Ventures and member of Gerbsman Partners Board of Intellectual Capital.

One of the ‘events’ at Being Digital, on 11-12th October 2011 @ Innovation Warehouse, will be BeingMe, it is the PM session on the 12th.

BeingMe will explore the digital interactions that create personal data that is waiting to be exploited. Data is being created as you live your digital life from your click stream, key strokes, movement, location, search terms, your relationships and from your friends/associates actions towards you.  This data or signals can be run through an algorithm to deliver insights, personalization, intent and context which should improve your over-all digital experience, however, that same data also contains signals that can determine your reputation and your influence and help companies make a judgement if they want to do business with you and on what terms.

To help form a digital reputation or understand influence you need to determine someone’s Authority, Credibility, Expertise, Location, Proximity, Reach, Relevancy and Trust and these are the topics we will get deep and dirty within this session.  It is a paid for event and tickets start at £90 ex. VAT. More details are here  http://beingdigital.eu/ or Register Here and use mashupdigital to get a 20% discount.

BeingDigital has three other big themes (Social, Local and Open) at the summit giving you the flexibility to participate and attend one or all four themes. Meet early stage businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs building, creating and pushing the boundaries of digital business and the new generation of digital and social technology products.

I will be there and will be joined by Simon Rogers Guardian Datablog, Datastore and News editor for the Guardian, William Perrin Founder, Talk About Local, Steve Bridger Builder of Bridges, Elizabetta Camilleri CoFounder & CEO, Salesgossip.co.uk, Nick Halstead CEO & Founder, Mediasift, Chris Thorpe Founder/Technologist, Andrew Wanliss-Orleb Head of Product, Founder Echo Echo, Frida Sandin Merchandising Specialist, Avail Intelligence, Kalia Colbin Chief Marketing Officer, MiniMonos.com, Lawrence Buchanan Principal, Digital Transformation, Capgemini UK, Ishmayal Syed Technology Innovation Architect, Aviva, Azeem Azhar CEO, Peer Index


HOWEVER – if your preference is to hear from the kids who want to present about their digital experience and views, and not the start-ups and experts, then why not come to  “Digital Footprint Summit Learnings and Insights from the Screenagers” on Thursday, November 3, 2011 from 10.30 AM to 4:00 PM (GMT).

The Digital Footprint Summit is all about social, personal and identifiable data and will focus on first hand perspectives from those in this generation. During the event we aim to explore what Screenagers really think about trading their personal information and how their attitudes will create a change for the ecosystem.

Traditional media suggests that this generation is “careless with privacy”. We will look beyond that view. Instead of patronising and protecting, we will seek to understand where they see as engagement, relationship and conversation.

The keynotes and debate will focus on:
If the Facebook generation’s notion of privacy becomes the norm, what does it mean for services?
Does sharing personal data really allow companies to serve customers better?
What the Screenages see as visionary based on their current experience and what could happen if their data was available ?
What will they trade and what will they see as valuable?
How to implement visualisation techniques to make the use of your data acceptable.
User interface, boundaries and what is acceptable for privacy.
By speaking to and with the generation who are living it, this conference hopes to tease out some assumptions, views and insights and in doing so, provide a more balanced viewpoint that will help shape innovative, research, development and strategy.

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