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Yo! How’s it going?  We hope 2012 is going well for you.  We just wanted to send you a quick reminder that taxes are due next Tuesday, April 17th.  If you haven’t finished them yet, don’t worry.  But you may want to do your taxes online and e-file so you can get them done quickly and get your tax refund fast.  If you are looking for the best tax software or some tax tips this weekend, check out YoBucko.

Also, if you are looking for some help organizing your finances, we’ve put together some free downloadable worksheets to help you with the money math.  Here are our latest additions:

  • Cash Flow Statement and Budget
  • Net Worth Statement
  • Home Buyer Worksheet
  • Student Loan Worksheet

Over the last few months, we’ve written more than 100 articles to help people in their twenties manage their money.  We’ve had some great feedback, but there are a few articles that were the most popular.  They were:

  • The Cost of Living the American Dream
  • 10 Financial Tips for Young Entrepreneurs
  • If I Had a Million Dollars
  • What to Do with Money: Wealth Building Tips
  • What Does the JOBS Act Mean to Average Investors
  • The Challenges of Social Entrepreneurship: Making Money and a Change

As always, we appreciate your continued support of YoBucko.  Over the coming months, we hope to bring you more and better information to help you make great financial choices.  Together, we hope to create a better financial future for the next generation of American leaders.

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