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Recently I had lunch with a business acquaintance, Gary Friedman, who represents a payment processing systems company for various merchant and online companies.  He reviewed with me that there are numerous differences in maximizing revenue/cash for these companies and that his company, Heartland Payment Systems http://www.heartlandpaymentsystems.com/About-Heartland provides significant returns to the merchant over competitors.

1.  Many times organizations believe that they are getting the best available options from their current payments processing provider but have not compared their current processing costs, support, requirements and capabilities to anything else for extended periods of time.
2.  Additionally, most processors are middlemen as they use another organizations platform to process transactions which just adds additional cost to the process. Heartland has its own proprietary platform and it is the company that brought wholesale pricing and transparency to the marketplace which enables a user to see exactly what they are paying for each and every transaction which gives any sized user the ability to have the same kind of pricing model as a Walmart. Heartland combined this capability with unparalleled customer support.
3.  Heartland also has solutions that enable paperless bill presentment and on line payment capability where the payee can pay online with a CC or an ACH directly from their bank account which can significantly reduce the cost of a transaction.
4.  Heartland is a leading payment technology company that processes in excess of $80 Billion a year, is the 5th largest processor in the US, has over 250,000 customers, is a Fortune 1000 company and we are a public company listed on the NYSE with the symbol HPY.
5.  By the way all the Banks are middlemen.

Please fell free to call for additional information.

Gary B Friedman

Relationship Manager

Heartland Payment Systems (NYSE: HPY)

Email: gary.friedman@e-hps.com

Ph: 650-678-2824

Fax: 650-472-9223

Service: 866-976-7101


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