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Life Lessons for Turbulent Times

Memoirs of a Crisis Manager
by Steven R. Gerbsman

1.  Have Ethics & Integrity

2.  Be Responsible & Accountable for your actions

3.  the More Things Change – the More they Remain the Same

4.  In order to Lead, you must Do – make a sales call, do a business plan, pencil out go forward financials, communicate with a creditor, make something, negotiate a deal, etc.

5.  Your WORD is your BOND – Your BOND is your WORD

6.  ATTITUDE – always be positive and constructive

7.  Have the DESIRE to do the best you can

8.  Be CONSISTENT in good times and challenging times

9.  Continue to LEARN & LISTEN & LISTEN – and its ok to say “I don’t know” and “I need help”

10.  Take RISKS – don’t be afraid to make mistakes, that is how you learn and grow

11.  Live Life for the Integrity of your Name, the Love of your Family and Hope for the Future

12.  Always focus on #1 above, nothing else matters.


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