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Creating, sourcing and curating original images has become a crucial investment for brands, as the demands of digital and social media require a constant supply of on-brand, authentic images. High quality images result in higher click through rates on posts, better engagement, and stronger positive brand sentiment.

There’s also strong temptation for busy marketers and community managers to repurpose images off the web, social media and Google searches. But this can leave your company open to serious legal risk, something Duane Reade learned the hard way after they tweeted a photo of actress Katherine Heigl exiting one of their stores, without proper image rights.

So how can you protect your brand, obtain legal rights to images, and source high-quality visuals that are on-brand and authentic without headache and hassle?

FlashStock has teamed up with Percolate to provide industry best practices on managing image rights.

Download The Busy Marketer’s Guide to Image Rights Management White Paper Here: https://app.flashstock.com/api/whitepapers/53e3d31d82119e49534743b3/requests?t=fff1ace2a37fd10fe4213811f45174b2

In this report you’ll learn:
1.  Best practices on how to quickly and cost-effectively manage branded imagery across social and other marketing channels;
2.  Important trends, charts, and tactics for safe, successful image rights management across your marketing org;
3.  What happens when things go wrong?
About FlashStock Inc. 

FlashStock was created with the belief that marketers are struggling to get the images they need – images of real people enjoying their products – at a price and in quantities that make sense. FlashStock builds technology that connects Brands that need authentic content to our network of Flasharazzi, prosumer photographers. FlashStock’s mission is to create the world’s largest on-demand photo service, transforming the stock photography industry and providing brands with cost effective alternatives to conventional and expensive professionally-crafted image procurement.

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