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On Veterans Day we remember those who served and sacrificed with a toast –

“To the memory of those who once were and to the knowledge that they will be in the hearts and minds of their families and loved ones forever”

On Veterans Day we say “thank you” to those who serve today with a toast –

“Thank you for your service and we pray for your health and safety.  May you have courage, be safe and be just”

On Veterans Day we have “HOPE” for the future.

“May our leaders lead, provide support for the troops, provide medical recovery services for the wounded and do what is right and just”

May GOD bless and protect those who serve and on this coming Veterans Day, when you see a service person, go over to them and say “thank you”. 

We live in the “land of the free and the home of the brave”;  never ever, ever, ever forget that “FREEDOM IS NOT FREE”

with Honor and Respect

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