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Other the years, both in business and lecturing at various MBA programs, I been asked what is the Secret of/my Success.  Without hesitation, I always responded “Fear of Failure”.

A proud Grandpa watched his 6 year old grandson participate in his community sponsored track and field event today.  I watched 26 5 and 6 year old boys and girls run a mile, do the 100 meter dash and participate in the long jump.  I stood in total admiration of all the participants, these young children, and watched all of them finish the mile, then the 100 meter dash and 3 attempts in the long jump.

The community sponsored club started practice about a month ago, once a week and had 2 inclement weather cancellations.  So, when I was informed that these younger boys and girls would run a mile, I was a little apprehensive for them and my grandson.  Little did I know the spirit and drive within these kids.  My grandson finished in the last third of the pack, having some walking moments, but then finished in a sprint.  When I asked him and some of the other boys and girls how they managed to finish, the reply was similar.  “We wanted to do the best we could, but finish”.

My Grandson earned his first trophy today, not for winning, but winning in finishing. A couple of years ago when he first visited our home he observed all the soccer and baseball trophies his Papi had and earned when he grew up and he wanted to know when he would earn his trophies.  Well today through determination and guts, he and the other boys and girls earned theirs on the field of battle.

What does this have to do with “Fear of Failure”.  In their own little young worlds, these children had the determination to do the best they could and succeed.

So, the Gerbs’ “life lesson number 5” – “Do the best you can and as Winston Churchill said, never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever give up”.

Watching these young boys and girls from all backgrounds today, I have continued “HOPE” for the future.

With respect to all of them and my Grandson.

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