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FIREFIGHTERS PAUSE as the bodies of three fallen comrades — Richard Wheeler, 31, Tom Zbyszewski, 20, and Andrew Zajac, 26 — who died fighting a wildfire in Washington state’s Okanogan County, are carried away by ambulance. Firefighters from as far away as New Zealand, along with citizen volunteers have joined tens of thousands battling wildfires across the Pacific Northwest.

You do not need them until you “need them”.  These are Firefighters, Police, Armed Forces and all that “serve and protect”.

Please take a moment to “HONOR” these men and woman and say “THANK YOU”:

  1.  Firefighters walked up the World Trade Center in 2001, when all were walking down.
  2.  Firefighters and ParaMedics are “there” when a loved one has a medical emergency.
  3.  Firefighters have been fighting wildfires in West and Pacific Northwest during the worst fire season in decades.

As a Board Member of a California Fire District, I see the dedication, commitment and sense of duty of these men and woman.  Very simply, they “serve and protect” without reservation.

May God Bless the fallen and provide comfort to their families.

with Respect and Honor

Steve Gerbsman

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