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A dear and long time family friend passed away this week while on vacation in Cambodia.  He was going to retire from his Doctor practice in August and was anticipating an enjoyable retirement.

He passed away in his sleep, without pain and without the challenge of suffering.

Our friend, Dr. Fred Youngswick, was a great family man, husband, father, grandfather, uncle and good friend.

He was a young man in his mid 60’s, cut short of life to early.

So when you go home today, kiss your wife and kids.  Tell them you love them.  Call a friend and see how they are doing.  Do a good deed for someone.

These “wake up calls of life” put into perspective the reality of what is truly important.

My friend, your measurement in life is how your children live their lives and how they raise their children.   You and CY have succeeded on all fronts, as your family is loving, considerate and have ethics and integrity.

Be well my friend and a final toast “to the memory of one who once was, and to the knowledge you will be in your family and friends minds forever”.

with Respect and Love


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