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How You Can Help North Bay Fire Victims

My office continues to receive requests for information on how best to help our neighbors to the north impacted by the devastating wildfires. The outpouring of generosity is humbling and speaks so well of Marin. I am proud and inspired by our community.

For now, emergency shelter operations under the auspices of the County are fully stocked with all necessary food and supplies and staffed by county employees and disaster response corps. No additional provisions or supplies are needed at this time. If and when the need arises, a call will go out through multiple channels. In the longer term, there will be ongoing need for everything from temporary housing, transportation, financial assistance, and more. Helping with these long term needs is going to be critical to supporting our neighbors as they recover and rebuild.

What to do right now: the best way to help right now is through direct monetary donation (see suggestions below) and/or by signing up with CVNL as ready and willing to volunteer when the time comes. Thank you!

Register to Volunteer/Donate

    • Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership (CVNL), is the designated Emergency Volunteer Center agency in Marin and Napa counties. (The registration process is a little clunky because it is designed for general volunteers, but please have patience as CVNL is the best mobilized organizer of volunteers, and currently managing a tremendous influx.)

To register, go to https://cvnl.galaxydigital.com/user/register/, select SIGN UP (upper right hand corner of menu bar) and follow steps 1 – 5, select “contact me in the event of a disaster” by turning the toggle on.

My thanks also to everyone who is participating in the many, many local efforts happening to aid those affected—your support is recognized and so appreciated and will make a difference in helping folks rebuild and heal from these historic and incredibly devastating fires.

View the latest County News Release up-to-date information.





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