The Bronx Wanderers- one of the best shows in Las Vegas

 The Bronx Wanderers – outstanding – 50’s, 60’s, 70’s rock n roll
You want to smile, you want to dance, you “remember when”
Highly recommend from a “Bronx Boy”
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With superlative vocals and musicianship, dynamic enthusiasm and a genuine love of the music they perform, The Bronx Wanderers recreate the magic of the era and build an energetic bond with their audience, guaranteeing an evening of toe-tapping, hand-clapping and dancing in the aisles all night long. Their show tells the stories and plays the music that will take you as close as you can get to having lived the actual experience. The Wanderers arrive at every show with new material all the time but never leave out the favorites that their fans and audiences have come to love. Not to be forgotten, are the popular Frankie Valli medleys that this group “nails” say the critics. “It never gets old, says lead singer Yo’ Vinny. It just doesn’t get better than this. We don’t rest on our laurels. We never will.”

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“Take it from me, Danny Aiello, spend an evening with the Bronx Wanderers, you’re going to have a ball.”

— Danny Aiello

“I honestly feel a part of their family and you will too. It’s honestly one of my favorite shows of all time.

— Tony Orlando

“Whenever I’m in New York I stop at two places. Gino’s Pastry Shop for Cannoli’s and then find out where the Bronx Wanderers are playing.

— Chazz Palminteri

“They’re the hardest working band in show business today. I guarantee that you’ll come back for more.

— Paul Shlisky, Caesars Entertainment

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