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Steven R. Gerbsman is a mentor at the Stanford University MBA entrepreneurial program and is a guest lecturer at the MBA programs at Berkeley, University of San Francisco and Georgetown.  In October, 2013, I video taped a seminar on “Corporate Governance” and “Early Warning Signs” for venture backed Intellectual Property companies.  This will be for use in the Stanford Engineering School via STVP (Stanford Technology Ventures Program) and SCPD (Stanford Center for Professional Devlopment).  
Please click on link below and you will get to the Stanford presentation. https://vimeo.com/82421069 

Gerbsman Partners is a Restructuring and Private Investment Banking firm that is strategically positioned to assist portfolio companies of equity investors, senior lenders and bondholders maximize enterprise value.  Since 1980, Gerbsman Partners has been involved in over $ 2.3 billion of restructurings, M&A and financing transactions and has maximized enterprise value for stakeholders and shareholders in going concern and highly leveraged, under-performing, under-capitalized and under-valued companies and their Intellectual Property, as well as emerging growth companies.

Since 2001, Gerbsman Partners has focused and been involved in maximizing enterprise and Intellectual Property value for 103 venture capital/private equity backed and /or senior lender financed, technology (software, mobile, telecom, optical networking, internet, digital commerce, clean tech, cyber-security, etc.), life science, medical device, solar, fuel cell, cyber/information security and low tech companies through Gerbsman Partners proprietary “Date Certain M&A Process”.  Gerbsman Partners has also terminated/restructured over $ 810 million of prohibitive real estate and equipment leases, sub-debt and creditor issues.  Gerbsman Partners also assists US, European and Israeli technology, digital marketing, and medical device companies with strategic alliance development, M&A and licensing and distribution of proprietary content.  Gerbsman Partners leverages its domain expertise and extensive experience to the benefit of all stakeholders at interest, both nationally and internationally through our Board of Intellectual Capital.

Gerbsman Partners has offices and strategic alliances in Boston, New York, Washington DC, McLean VA, San Francisco, Orange County, Europe and Israel.


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