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S  T  E  V  E  N    R.    G  E  R  B  S  M  A  N                                              Kentfield, CA USA

December  2 0 1 9

Dear Family, Friends and Colleagues:

As my next birthday is rapidly approaching in February, I have been pondering how to best celebrate and commemorate this ‘landmark occasion.’

I am immensely grateful for all the blessings that I have been fortunate to have received, and I am deeply thankful to all of you who have been with me on this long journey with your unwavering love, friendship, comfort and support.

I am also keenly aware of the fact that there are so many out there who have tirelessly and bravely served us all, who have not received the thanks and support they so richly deserve.

Therefore, I would like to dedicate the celebration of my big birthday year to the support of our ‘Wounded Warriors’, Special Operations Warrior Foundation (”SOWF”) https://specialops.org see detailed information, many of whom continue to struggle tremendously to heal their myriad wounds and return to a normal life after putting themselves into harms-way in service for us all.  Special Operations Warrior Foundation is a Four Star Charity on Charity Navigator.

We may well think that these heroes are well taken care of by the institutions in which they served. But unfortunately, that is only true in a limited sense, and their need for assistance continues to be great and manifold.

I have this month established an assistance fund with a seed capital in the amount of $10,000, which, with your help, I would like see grow to an initial goal of $75,000 by February, and hopefully beyond that. All funds will be deposited directly with “SOWF”, which has been successfully and faithfully supporting our wounded heroes special needs.

The Special Operations Warrior Foundation’s enduring promise to America’s Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps Special Operations personnel is to:

(1) Ensure full financial assistance for post-secondary education from an accredited two or four-year college, university, technical or trade school, as well as educational counseling, preschool grants, and tutoring to the surviving children of Special Operations personnel who have lost their lives in the line-of-duty and,

(2) Provide immediate financial grants to severely combat-wounded and hospitalized Special Operations personnel and their families.

Accordingly, in place of a grand and costly 75th birthday celebration, I would like to ask you all to help support my Special Forces Wounded Warriors fund with a generous donation of your choice, and which will help us meet and hopefully exceed our funding goal, in support and thanks to the valiant men and women who have dedicated their lives to our safety and security.

To participate, please send any donation in the following manner:

To make a donation:

Let me thank you in advance for considering my request and your generous support for such a worthy cause that is dear to my heart and, I feel is a grand way to celebrate and commemorate my upcoming birthday.  Please email me to insure your donation was received.

With my very best wishes and gratitude, yours,

Steve Gerbsman

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