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Please join Steven Gerbman of Gerbsman Partners and Don Milddleberg for a webinar on “Maximizing Enterprise Value in Challenging Times”.  This is presented by Winston/Baker, “the leading entertainment finance conference producer in the world”. 

We live in “challenging times” and with the uncertainty of having access to capital and/or debt over the next months, it is important for companies to review business and capital requirements, as well as potential real estate and/or creditor balance sheet contingent liability issues.

I have spoken with numerous companies, senior lenders and equity sponsors over the past months and there is a “wait and see attitude” regarding the need to access capital and/or restructure senior debt.   As this “Black Swan” crisis continues, it is hard to estimate when there will be business and capital access stabilization.  With over 40 years of experience, it is my recommendation that companies, lenders and equity should take action “now”, as compared to waiting.  As such, Gerbsman Partners is available to strategize and provide action plans for maximizing value and/or restructuring.

Gerbsman Partners represents companies, the Board, equity and/or senior lenders of under performing/distressed IP companies with the objective of maximizing enterprise value of their assets and IP, as well as terminating/restructuring prohibitive real estate leases, senior and junior debt and creditor issues.  Gerbsman Partners also assists emerging growth companies access the capital markets and leverage their Intellectual Property in licensing opportunities.

Please see below a presentation below that I gave at Stanford University –  “Early Warning Signs” and “Maximizing Value” for under-performing/distressed venture and senior lender backed Intellectual Property companies”.  This will be for use in the Stanford Engineering and Business Schools via STVP (Stanford Technology Ventures Program) and SCPD (Stanford Center for Professional Devlopment)  through this link

Also, see Winston Baker’s Webcast on “Maximizing Enterprise Value in Challenging Times: Crisis Management and Communications Strategies”.please view the replay here

To date, Gerbsman Partners has been involved in maximizing value in 109 intellectual property based companies and has terminated/restructured over $ 810 million of prohibitive real estate leases and creditor issues.

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