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Successful ‘Date-Certain M&A’ of Velicept, Inc., its Assets and Intellectual Property

Gerbsman Partners is pleased to announce the successful completion of maximizing the value of the Assets and Intellectual Properties at Velicept, Inc.

Due to market conditions and trends, the Board of Directors and senior lenders made the strategic decision to maximize the value of its Assets and Intellectual properties.

Gerbsman Partners – led by Steven R. Gerbsman, Principal and Kenneth Hardesty (CEO in Residence)– provided the Board of Directors and senior lenders with financial advisory leadership through its proprietary‘Date-Certain M&A Process’, facilitated the sale of the company’s Assets and Intellectual Property and the closing of the sale with other company Advisors.

Specifically, Gerbsman Partners provided leadership with:

1.  Business consulting and investment banking domain expertise in developing strategic action plans.

2.  Implementing its proprietary ‘Date-Certain M&A Process’ in order to maximize value of Velicept’s Assets and Intellectual properties.

3.  “Managing and guiding the process” among potential acquirers, lawyers, advisors, as well as all stakeholders of interest.

About Gerbsman Partners

Gerbsman Partners focuses on maximizing enterprise value for stakeholders and shareholders in underperforming, undercapitalized and undervalued companies and their intellectual properties. Since 2001, Gerbsman Partners has successfully maximized the values of 113 companies in a wide and diverse spectrum of industries, ranging from technology, medical device/life science, digital marketing to cyber security, to name only a few.*

In the process, GP has successfully restructured/terminated over $810 million of real estate executory contracts and equipment lease/sub-debt obligations, and has assisted in over $2.3 billion of financings, restructurings and M&A transactions.*

Gerbsman Partners has offices and strategic alliances in San Francisco, Orange County, Boston, New York, Washington DC, McLean, VA, Europe and Israel.

*For further information on Gerbsman Partners expertise and industry experience, please request our company profile here

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