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Steven R. Gerbsman Managing Principal, – Gerbsman Partners

Michael Mathias, Host

 Steven R. Gerbsman is a nationally recognized Crisis/Turnaround CEO/Restructuring Professional and Private Investment Banker who has been involved in maximizing enterprise value, stakeholder and shareholder value in a broad variety of industries. He has worked with a wide spectrum of senior and junior lenders, bondholder groups, venture capital and private equity sources, private investors and institutional groups. 

He has acted in the capacity of Crisis/Turnaround CEO, Chief Restructuring Officer, Crisis Consultant, Private Investment Banker, Examiner for the Office of the United States Trustee, a member of the Board of Directors of various companies and Advisor to stakeholder groups.

Gerbsman Partners has successfully maximized the values of 115 companies in a wide and diverse spectrum of industries, ranging from technology, medical device/life science, digital marketing to cyber security, to name only a few.*

In the process, GP has successfully restructured/terminated over $810 million of real estate executory contracts and equipment lease/sub-debt obligations, and has assisted in over $2.3 billion of financings, restructurings and M&A transactions.*

Gerbsman Partners has offices and strategic alliances in San Francisco, Orange County, Boston, New York, Washington DC, McLean, VA, Europe and Israel.

https://youtu.be/jbkzG2q8PxY – You Tube  video link to Steven R. Gerbsman presentation

Steven R. Gerbsman


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“A good leader creates followers. A great leader creates leaders”

“Never, never, never give up.” – Winston Churchill

“The seeds planted today are the flowers that will bloom tomorrow.”

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