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As we begin Veterans Day/Week 2011, we say “Thank You” to the men and woman of our armed services and suggest that it is time for all to “step up” and find ways to support our Veterans. To often we say “thank you for your service” and then do nothing more. Please think about supporting various Veterans groups with donations, food, clothing and moral support. The have “Earned” it and we “Owe” it to them.

In the late summer of 1967, I was on my way back to Basic Training at Fort Dix, N.J. I was in New York City and an older couple came up to me and said “Thank You” for serving and then gave me $ 20 to enjoy a dinner on them. The gentleman said he served in the Korean War and understands and appreciates what men and woman in uniform go through. I said thank you, enjoyed a great dinner and to this day, remember their kind gesture.

On this Veterans Day/Week, our family will support the Wounded Warriors program, an American Legion Post and will provide moral support and friendship to Afghanistan Veterans. On 11/11/11, I will also continue to remember that couple and honor them by buying dinner for soldiers in uniform. I will ask them to do the same thing, 5, 10, 20 and 40 years later.

May God Bless our troops and provide our leaders with the courage and strength to do what is Right and what is Just.

Please always remember – FREEDOM IS NOT FREE

What are YOU doing to HELP?

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September 11 – Never Forget – Always Remember the Brave Firefighters and Police

Recently I watched the images and replay of video from 9/11.  One can never Forget and must Remember the faces of Firefighters and Police as they ascended the steps of the World Trade Center.  We will never know what was in their Mind, but we will always know what was in their Heart.

They are ALWAYS there to Serve & Protect.  To do their Duty in face of Adversity.  They “Walk the Walk” and “Talk the Talk”.

Let us Honor their Bravery, Courage and Devotion to Duty with a song written by Irving Berlin – “God Bless America”.

Irving Berlin wrote this song in 1917 for use during WW1, however the song was never used.  It wasn’t until the Depression and the rise of Hitler that the song was released and sung by Kate Smith in 1940.  The proceeds of the song was donated to the Boy Scouts of America and who to this day, receive royalties from it.

Please listen to how “God Bless America” should be sung and be proud.


Let us Honor our Hero’s and in today’s time of need for Hope and Leadership, let us Honor America.

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