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Dear Colleagues and Friends – by Motti Abramovitz, Chairman of Bruno Art Group and long time family friend of Itzhak Tarkay

Last night, Sunday June 3rd, Itzhak Tarkay one of the greatest
artists, passed away while on a tour in Detroit Michigan.

Born in Yugoslavia in 1935,  he spent his childhood under Nazi
regime and was later sent to a concentration camp. In 1949 Tarkay was
able to leave Europe and immigrate to Israel with his mother and
sister. Tarkay was a soldier in the wars of independence, and is noted
among those who built our country.

Tarkay started his art career in the early 60′ with the support  of
my father, Bruno. They became best friends.  Itzhak was part of our family.

In the 80′ Tarkay’s art reached the USA and Japan.  His art is found
in hundreds of thousands of homes around the world. The vivid colors
and happy subjects bring joy and happiness to any one who looks at it.

After the passing away of my father in 2006 Tarkay became like a
second father to me. We shared many times of great conversations
about art, family and life experiences.

We will remember Itzhak through his art.

Thank you and most respectfully yours, Motti

Motti Abramovitz – Chairman & CEO

Bruno Art Group

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