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Spotflux Internet Privacy Application gives Free Online Security

Review of: Spotflux


Spotflux is a new growing Internet Security Software that offers a free online privacy service

Founded by Chris and Dean, they claimed that Softflux is not another VPN or Proxy service; but it offers a real time internet privacy service. Spotflux internet privacy application is dedicated to securing your digital data on any device in any location. Apart from encrypting your internet traffic, this application cleans tracking cookies and viruses with your system not slowing down.

Spotflux Spotflux Internet Privacy Application gives Free Online Security

Here are the functions of Spotflux internet privacy application

  • Encrypted and Secure Connection

No matter where you are browsing, travelling, home, public Wi-Fi, Spotflux gives you the best of protection and keeps your privacy while you browse.

  • Malware and Virus Protection

So much threat are loaded on the internet, Spotflux internet privacy application scans your connection continually and secure your connection from malware and viruses.

  • Open and Unrestricted Access

Spotflux internet privacy application opens you to restricted contents, the language of” this service is not available in your area” is never found when you have installed Spotflux.

  • Private, Ad-free Browsing Experience

You location and IP is kept private. Spotflux saves bandwidth and gives you an ad-free surfing experience. No ads pop up will ever disturb you.

How to get Spotflux internet privacy application

The application is available for download at Spotflux.com, run the software, enable it and enjoy an unlimited browsing experience.

Spotflux in Action Spotflux Internet Privacy Application gives Free Online Security

How is Spotflux internet privacy application different from other VPN and Proxy service?

  • The geek is behind the mechanism in which Spotflux employs, and it was explained by Chris and Dean who happens to be the author.
  • You need not to trouble yourself on browser’s settings to redirect IP as proxy service providers will tell you to do. Just enable the Spotflux internet privacy application application, and enjoy your internet.
  • Spotflux internet privacy application encrypts and forwards your internet traffic through it own cloud.
  • Millions on calculations runs on Spotflux cloud, removing cookies, ads and other internet parasites that follow your connectivity around.
  • Other threats such as viruses and malwares are taken out of the way.
  • Spotflux conceals the identity and location of your device, making you browse into any server anywhere.
  • To crown it all, you enjoy unrestricted, safer and confidential internet browsing.

Spotflux internet privacy application is a new product that just got introduced around March 2012 and the makers are New York based. They have a goal in providing tools that can work to give privacy and security without limiting access to full information not minding the location.

My Personal Experience with Spotflux internet privacy application

The product website was sent to me from the author who got to know about me through the web, before I downloaded the product, I carefully went through the website and I feel if all the recipes provided on the website were true, this product is worth trying out.

Experiencing no difficulty, I downloaded the software, which was redirected from CNET download.com, I installed and guess what, and the experience has been great so far.

My other internet provider usually has a difficulty in visiting some web at afternoon hours, the power of Spotflux has worked wonders, and the product is just great. Unlike the VPN and Proxy which redirects, Spotflux is something totally different.

What amazes me so much is that this service is free; I guess these guys are running a philantropy organization because I know how much I pay to get a VPN service. I have tried so much of them anyway; none has really pleased me to an extent.

Spotflux system Spotflux Internet Privacy Application gives Free Online Security

About Spotflux internet privacy application developers

Chris Naegelin and Dean Mekkawy are co-founders of Spotflux, they were tech addicts around the 1990′s during their high school days. Around 2011, Chris and Dean came together in the same dream of creating some tools that will bring sanity to the world of internet to offer people an online privacy they desire, they began with just a few serves around Chris’s basement, that was what brought about Spotflux internet privacy application, and within few months, the product has hit over 100, 000 users who got amazed about the magic.

Today, Spotflux is exponentially growing as people can now comfortably sit down to enjoy their online privacy.

Some of the investors who has found interest in the good work includes; New Atlantic, Kima and some other ventures who has really been of help in the funding of the Spotflux internet privacy application project.

Spotflux is presently available for free, but the authors are really working to add new features which they will later offer for purchase by the general internet users.

The Spotflux internet privacy application guys are really sure of their product as they publish their street address their website, as well as their Facebook and Twitter page. The six member team working on this project has their mini profile on the Spotflux website.

Download this product, enable it, and tell us what your experiences looks like.

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Spotflux: Enjoy A Safer, More Secure & Encrypted Internet Browsing [Windows & Mac]

Sometimes, navigating the streets and lanes of the World Wide Web can be a dangerous and scary experience. Not everyone out there are nice friendly honest people so there’s a high chance of viruses, malware and people trying to steal your confidential information.  This is where Spotflux comes in.

Spotflux aims to make your Internet browsing experience a much safer one by offering you protection services for Windows and Mac.  The main service is an encrypted and secure connection.  All of your Internet traffic is re-routed through the Spotflux filters via a VPN tunnel where it is checked, and all viruses, malware, tracking cookies and other nasty critters are squashed and nuked.  This apparently slows your connection down slightly but the net profit is a much safer Internet experience.  This scanning is an on-going, continuous and real-time process.

encrypted internet browsing

Once you have installed and enabled the software, you don’t have to do anything more.  Just let it run and do its thing.

The software is available for Windows and Mac, with a mobile version apparently coming soon.


  • Install the Spotflux protection software for secure and encrypted Internet surfing.
  • All traffic re-routed through Spotflux servers where it is scanned for viruses and malware.
  • Free and simple to use.
  • Also read related article: How To Encrypt Your Dropbox Data With ENCFS [Linux].

Check out Spotflux @ http://launch.spotflux.com (from Mark @ Journal Of Curious Things)

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Rash Guard

Rash Guard

Protect Yourself While Surfing Open Wireless Networks with Spotflux – by Netted by the Webbys

Someone once told us that using free Wi-Fi is the same as shouting everything you’re typing out loud. Which is definitely frowned upon at Starbucks.

With Spotiflux, a free download for Mac and PC, Internet usage is protected even when sharing a connection with total strangers.

Once logged on to the wireless network, flip on Spotiflux and browse as you normally would. The service encrypts your internet traffic, blocks malware and viruses, and hides your IP location to keep you anonymous.

It’s perfect for use in airports, hotels, and that cafe around the corner where struggling artists work on their novels.

They’re probably harmless, but better safe than sorry.


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Spotflux Brings Privacy Back to the Web with $1 Million in New Funding from New Atlantic Ventures, Kima and Angels


NEW YORK, Mar 07, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Spotflux officially opens its doors today, introducing a free application that allows consumers worldwide to freely connect to the Internet with unprecedented privacy protection. Since its inception less than a year ago, adoption of Spotflux has grown exponentially, with more than 100,000 users across the globe depending on Spotflux to provide a more private, secure, and less restricted Internet experience. As part of its formal debut on Windows and Mac computers, Spotflux also announced today that it closed its first round of funding, led by New Atlantic Ventures and joined by a group of angel investors, including Paris-based Kima Ventures. The $1 million in new venture capital will be used to meet global user demand by advancing Spotflux’s technology, enhancing the consumer application and for worldwide brand building.

“Everyone online today has lost control of their privacy. Big companies like Facebook, advertisers, employers and governments look at everything you do online, and before Spotflux, no one was looking out for you,” said John Backus, founding managing partner, New Atlantic Ventures. “We invested in Spotflux because of these emerging privacy concerns and its universal appeal to the 1.2 billion people using the Web. Consumers, policy makers and activists are fighting the privacy issue hard but they often face a daunting and cumbersome process. Spotflux has removed the burden for more than 100,000 customers across 121 countries — before its formal launch — demonstrating that consumers are actively seeking a more secure, more private, more open Internet.” With the initial round of funding, Mr. Backus joined the board of directors.

Spotflux is a free application and allows you to connect to the Internet with unprecedented privacy protection from any computer, anywhere in the world. Spotflux gives you the freedom to use the Web like you always have, from shopping to social media, without unwittingly giving away private information like your location and where you spend your time online. Expensive off-the-shelf Internet protection tools protect you from traditional online threats but fall short by failing to understand that most threats to privacy can come from common websites or applications. Spotflux bridges this gap by providing an all-encompassing free, cloud-based solution to your online security and privacy. Spotflux gives you an easy to use, secure, limitless connection to the Internet by protecting your identity and fully encrypting your Web connection.

“We created Spotflux to give consumers the opportunity to take back control of their privacy online,” said Dean Mekkawy, co-founder, Spotflux. “There is a large gap between what consumers are willing to share online, and what’s actually being shared without their consent. Spotflux is bringing security, access, and privacy back to the web for everyone.”

Founders Dean Mekkawy and Chris Naegelin are technology entrepreneurs who have spent more than a decade solving large-scale information security challenges in the financial and public sectors. Mr. Naegelin is an award-winning technologist recognized for his enterprise-level contributions to the open-source community and as a contributing author to a widely adopted risk management framework. Both Mr. Naegelin and Mr. Mekkawy, were named two of the top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 40 by Bisnow in 2011.

About Spotflux

Spotflux is a free application that allows consumers worldwide to freely connect to the Internet with unprecedented privacy protection. Spotflux shields you from spyware, cookies, adware and other malicious software that stick to your computer and simultaneously gives you secure, unrestricted access to the Web anywhere in the world. Founded in 2011, Spotflux is based in Brooklyn, New York and funded by New Atlantic Ventures, Kima Ventures and a group of angel investors. To sign up or for more information, go to Spotflux.com.

SOURCE: Spotflux

        Press Inquiries:
        Chris Naegelin

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