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This past week a good friend celebrated the annual passing of his father.  During the religious ritual he told this story.

His father and mother were both Holocaust survivors and most of their families died in the Nazi camps.  His parents met at one of the camps and he was born in Europe.  His father and mother came to America in the mid 40’s and had nothing.  As immigrants, they worked hard to create a better and quality life for their children.

My friend described his Dad as a strong and confident person and his father was his role model.  His Dad was religious, hard working and built a small business to support the family.  His Dad taught him that “giving to charity” was a part of life and made him part of the community.

Later in senior life, this strong, gregarious and religious man suffered a stroke and was paralyzed for the last 8 years of his life.  His wife also had health issues.

Upon his wife’s passing and while he knew he had little time left, his son asked him what was the “secret of life” after all you and the family has been through.

Without hesitation he said “Life that’s hard, can be made easy” and “Life that’s easy can be made hard”.

I was very moved by the story and “words of wisdom” from my friends Dad and am sharing for all.

With respect for the memory of a Holocaust survivor and the way he and his family lived their lives.


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“Oh! My Papa”*

March 12, 2015
Sam Fox, My Father, A Holocaust Survivor- a tribute from a loving son

1929 – 2015

I wish to share with you some of the many lessons I was privileged to learn from my Father.

When asked by my Brother, “What is the secret to a successful and happy life?”, despite having experienced the Holocaust, in which he lost his parents and five siblings….despite then sitting in a wheelchair because of a paralyzing stroke….. despite that his wife, my Mother, was dying in the other room…..He said

“In life some people have it easy and make it hard and some people have it hard and make it easy”

The value of charity

“When I first came to America I had nothing, yet I always gave to charity. When I did, it always made me feel rich.” – from an acceptance speech upon receiving an award

The value of the pursuit of good

“The pursuit of the good is the noblest of character builders and one of the sources of true gratification”. There are other things in life besides self-interest. Personal involvement in others challenges, in community affairs are the greatest sources of personal achievement and success. Too many people refuse to understand what it means to be involved and to help others. They are truly missing something. There is nothing as gratifying and self-fulfilling as helping others. Why don’t you try it? If you do, I can assure you that you will arrive at a similar conclusion. Try it, you will like it”. – from another acceptance speech upon receiving an award

These were just some of his words. The valuable lessons learned by all who had the privilege of knowing him, came from watching him turn those words into deeds.

*Listen to Eddie Fisher’s beautiful song -Oh! My Papa

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