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Where web 2.0 brought us nice features and video, it have had a hrad time producing business models that enables solid buiness plans. One new company, Videorix emplain themselfs as being a “self-service marketplace connecting advertisers with publishers of online-videos“. Walking the well established path of Goggle AdWords, this may be one way of generating some cash on all those videos that are everywhere on the web.

Here is a good piece Mashable:

“The system is still in very early development, and according to the creator, Nadim Elgarhy, the system is still in development, working out the kinks. As a result, the place isn’t exactly flush with advertisers, yet, but there’s an introductory offer from Nadim to promote the system itself. It’s not a particularly lucrative offer, but it shows what could be possible if the system becomes as well used as the IZEA system as well.

The system seems to pay no regard to CPMs, going with a blanket flat-fee sponsorship model. There doesn’t seem to be any ranking system as of yet, but with a little tweaking (and a lot more advertisers), this particular system could end up being a real decent marketplace for those breaking into the video realm to see a little return on their time investment.

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Google have just released the Adwords for TV for the masses. The program, which have been available in trials for almost a year, generates a whole new opening for the mid market companies and services that previously seen TV advertising as out of reach and to costly.

This is something that might challange a whole industry. With tools and tutorials to create your own ads, help from Google to forward the costs for production and easy to use tracking tools, AdWorks for TV opens up a whole new affordable package for companies trying to reach mass audiences.

Mashable described it best;

To understand how huge this is, try and set up a TV ad campaign through any other means. Yup, it’s way more complicated than what I’ve just described. Google now provides anyone with a credit card and an internet connection with the ability to create a television commercial and monitor the success of their campaign using a simple online tool. Touche!”

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