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“I wondered why somebody didn’t do something. Then I realized, I am somebody”  6b4599ee06dd03066c13f01fd4f446447764761be60fcc4ac9cdcefca00df8c3

​​One Father’s Journey to Accept the Unacceptable

People often ask what Stillbrave is about, what our mission is and what drives our Executive Director, Tattoo Tom to always push for more awareness and continuously offering support to our Stillbrave families. Now we have a video that paints a picture of the driving force behind Stillbrave.

Please take a few minutes to watch Tatoo Tom Mitchell, who was fortunate enough to be asked to present at our local TEDx Event. Please share it with your friends and family, to spread the word and raise awareness for Childhood Cancer.

Please donate to Stillbrave so we can continue our mission, offering non-medical support to children with cancer and their families. Thank you.

http://stillbrave.org          0e5ef113eeabc905daf8addde824cc97Please take time to go to STILLBRAVE.ORG – in today’s challenging world, lets give these kids some HOPE – thank you

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Stillbrave7 Club

  • Every day, childhood cancer kills 7 children in the U.S. alone. That’s 7 children, who have to fight harder and be braver than any child ever should, who lose their battles every single day. They are and forever remain… STILLbrave.​
  • Join The Stillbrave7 Club with a small donation of $7 a month (less than $.23 a day) and start making a difference TODAY!
  • Club members automatically entered into monthly drawing for Renegade Gear and awesome prizes on the 7th of each month!


There are many ways that you can help Stillbrave help families! We have countless volunteer
opportunities available in many different areas.

Our Mission

Stillbrave’s mission is to provide non-medical, supportive care to children with cancer,
and their families in the Washington, DC Metro area.


Even the smallest donation can make a difference in the lives of children with cancer.

Please read Shayls's story
 ​​​“Am I still brave Dad?” she whispered softly in my ear.  I placed my hands on her face and looked deep into her eyes; my baby was tired and she had fought so bravely for so long…but she was so very tired… she was still brave alright but as I looked into her eyes I began to realize something: this whole time she hadn’t been staying brave for herself, she had been staying brave for ME!!
​A few days later my daughter Shayla lost her battle with childhood cancer.
She fought hard and she fought bravely.  

​Today I rarely talk about the wind...and I NEVER talk about feathers...but I talk
a great deal about a little girl I once knew,and about the importance of being 

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Welcome To SUPER MAEVE!!

Maeve is in REMISSION – may God bless, protect and give her and family strength and courage




You know me by my everyday name, Maeve, but my true identity is Super Maeve. I am about to fight something that only one-in-a-million kids have; since I’m a one-in-a-million, superhero kind of girl, I’m going to kick cancer’s butt! Here’s the way you can follow my path to victory!

While playing on the playground on March 19, Maeve took a tumble and later began complaining that her stomach hurt. Vu and Megan took her to the doctor for a checkup. While the doctor was unable to find any apparent cause and thought it might be a stomach virus, she decided to send Maeve for further tests just to be safe.

After an ultrasound, it was discovered that Maeve had several tumors: a large tumor in her abdominal cavity, a tumor on and within her liver and several spots on her lungs. The doctors’ initial diagnosis was a rare form of Germ Cell Tumor, which was confirmed by biopsy on Tuesday, March 26. Maeve’s current treatment plan involves four rounds of inpatient chemotherapy, each lasting one week, to decrease the size of the tumors. In between those rounds, Maeve will have an opportunity to recover at home and receive blood transfusions when necessary. Following the fourth round of chemo, Maeve will have a CT scan and surgery to remove the tumors. Another two rounds of chemo will follow the surgery and hopefully seal the deal on removing this cancer from her body for good.

Initially, we expect her treatment to last anywhere from nine to 18 months depending on the speed and level of response the tumors have to the chemo. Once her cancer is in remission, doctors will continue to monitor her progress for the next five years

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