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After the deal with IBM feel through, Oracle did not wait long before aquiring Sun Microsystems. This article from San Jose Mercury News gives a throurough analysis. Here are some selected shorts from the story:

“Oracle will pay $9.50 per share for Sun’s stock, the two companies announced this morning. That is slightly higher than the price that IBM reportedly offered after lowering its bid in the days before those talks collapsed. The sale of Sun to Oracle means a powerful combination of two software giants, but also could represent a new direction for Oracle. It could potentially create a new force for competition in corporate datacenters, where companies like IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Cisco have been competing to offer a wide range of hardware and software products.”

In a joint conference call, Oracle president Safra Catz said the deal will add at least $1.5 billion in annual income to Oracle from the start. She stressed that the combined companies will be able to operate profitable and noted that Oracle has a track record of successfully integrating other large acquisitions in recent years, including BEA Systems, Seibel and PeopleSoft.”

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