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Why “Green Fashion?”

A green wardrobe has many benefits unlike a traditional wardrobe. Choosing sustainable fabrics can help in decreasing the amount of carbon you give off, as well as the amount of chemicals that you bring into your own life! What are some other benefits of a “green” wardrobe? I’ll tell ya!


1)   It’s better for all of us! Buying clothes that are labeled under the Fair Trade Act creates sustainability for many reasons. Fair Trade promises that all products are produced in safe working conditions and the person who created it earned a fair wage.


2)   Better for Animals! Many people today put no thought into exactly what went into make their fur jacket or leather boots. But in reality it’s harming hundreds of animals. Having a closet with clothing that is cruelty-free means that you don’t need to think about where your clothes came from or what animal was harmed when making them!


3)    “Green” clothing lasts for a longer period of time than regular! Who wouldn’t want to buy sustainable/eco-friendly clothing after hearing that! Invest in clothing that you will have for more than just one season. When you have clothes for a longer period of time then you are cutting back on your consumerism, which will benefit the earth because we won’t be using as many resources. Oh yea… it was also help your bank account!


4)   The Earth will love you! A big environmental footprint is left by the fashion world on the earth. This footprint comes from the pesticides that are used in the growing of cotton, as well as other chemicals from the toxic dyes that make up the color of a piece of clothing. Try looking for products that are made with organic fibers and know that you’re benefiting the earth in a positive way!


5)    It doesn’t have to be expensive! Shop with us and find affordable, eco-friendly clothing!


Choose green. Wear green. Love green.


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