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The Fires are stable, the first group of first responders/firefighters are getting relief and new firefighters from all over the country are and have been arriving.

With all the acrimony today about kneeling, race, honor of soldiers, etc., the Firefighters of Santa Rosa, CA demonstrated what true values are.  When their fire station burned down and after many, many hours fighting the fires, they came back to their burned out fire station.  Their focus and purpose was to find their “Badges” and “Old Glory”.  They dug and dug among the ruble and found most of the badges and also “Old Glory”.  Their flag, our flag blows in the wind again to demonstrate hope and the importance of honoring those who serve and protect.  These are the values this nation was built on and we must never forget.

You don’t need these brave souls, until you need themThey walk into harms way with purpose and commitment to save, protect and get the job done.

May God Bless and Protect those who serve and may all people of races, creeds and cultures honor them.

SANTA ROSA (KRON) — It was once the pride and joy of Santa Rosa–considered fireproof–but the North Bay firestorm was just too much for it to handle.

We’re talking about Santa Rosa Fire Station No. 5. It was restored in Aug. 2015, but now it has been leveled.

The firestorm proved to be just too much for the station.


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