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As Graduation approaches for High School, College and Graduate School, I have been sharing the “Words of Wisdom from my Grandma Sarah” that she gave me upon my graduation and the same words I passed along to my son and relatives.
It is an interesting time of life as many family relatives and friends have children graduating this June.
Grandma Sarah was a wise woman.  She was born in Greece, grew up in Turkey and emigrated to the US in early 1900’s.  She raised 4 children as a single mother and was an “entrepreneur”, owning four retail flower stores in and around New York City.  Her words and guidance had an effect on all who knew her.
Words of Wisdom from Grandma Sarah for Graduates
1.  Go forth into the world with “Bravery”
2.  Fear NO ONE
3.  Always do the “Best you Can”
4.  Have “Ethics and Integrity”
5.  Ask for “Help” in school, in business and in life if you need it
6.  Live Life – “For the Integrity of your Name”
7.  Always “Support and Love of your Family”
8.  “Have HOPE for the Future
9.  Always remember – “Your Name is your Bond” and “Your Bond is your Name
With loving memory, honor and respect for Grandma Sarah

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