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Please join Steven Gerbman of Gerbsman Partners and Don Milddleberg for a webinar on “Maximizing Enterprise Value in Challenging Times”.  This is presented by Winston/Baker, “the leading entertainment finance conference producer in the world”.  You can register at https://www.crowdcast.io/e/crisis-management/register 

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts”.  — Winston Churchill

There has never been a more appropriate time to think of Sir Winston’s words. For our next webinar, we have invited Steven Gerbsman, a top crisis management advisor and Don Middleberg, one of the nation’s leading public relations executives to help corporate executives, business leaders, company stakeholders and investors develop and implement crisis management and communication plans. We have never seen a financial crisis where uncertainty is greater than it is now. Enterprises will take a major economic hit, but none of us know how large or when it will be, where it will hurt most, or how long it will last. That uncertainty is causing businesses to “freeze” their decision-making. “Freezing in place” will worsen financial and human outcomes and may even be fatal for some businesses. Through this webinar, our speakers will provide:

  • Executives insight on how to plan for worst case scenarios and take a closer look at contingent expenses, revenue prospects, liabilities, and lender issues.
  • Investors, board members, senior management and lenders strategies for developing a plan to maximize and monetize enterprise value for under-performing, under-capitalized and distressed companies.
  • Ways to communicate and navigate messaging across all channels.

Plans will change as new information emerges, but implementing a crisis and communications planning process immediately is vital, as it drives stakeholders to face hard realities and to take key actions early.


Steven R. Gerbsman is an internationally recognized Crisis/Turnaround CEO/Restructuring Professional, Private Investment Banker and Angel Investor who has been involved in maximizing enterprise value, stakeholder and shareholder value in a broad variety of industries. He has worked with a wide spectrum of senior and junior lenders, bondholder groups, venture capital and private equity sources, private investors and institutional groups.

Mr. Gerbsman has over 50 years of senior management, marketing, sales and finance experience and has been involved in various business and investment ventures as an office, director, consultant and investor, both in the US and internationally. He has been in the business of maximizing enterprise value for highly leveraged, under-valued, under-performing and under-capitalized technology, digital marketing, life science, medical device, cyber security, fuel cell and solar energy companies and their Intellectual Property, as well as assisting technology, digital marketing, cyber security and medical device Intellectual Property companies with access to capital markets, strategic alliances, M&A, distribution of content and licensing.

To date, Mr. Gerbsman has been involved in over $2.3 billion of restructuring, financing and M&A transactions, terminating/restructuring in excess of $810 million of real estate, sub-debt and equipment lease executory contracts and since 2001, has maximized enterprise value for over 105 companies and their Intellectual Property. In 2000, he also began focusing on Israeli and European technology and life science companies, with the objective of providing access to the US capital markets and developing strategic alliances, M&A and licensing opportunities for them.


Don Middleberg is regarded as one of the nation’s leading public relations executives, renowned for developing some of the most creative and powerful communications programs for such companies as American Express, Consumer Reports, Gartner, IBM, Reuters, and United Airlines.

Middleberg and Associates, founded in 1989, was named “Best PR Agency of the Year” in 1999. In 2000, the company became Euro RSCG Middleberg when it was acquired by Euro RSCG, the communications division of Havas, the world’s sixth-largest communications group.

In 2009 Don Middleberg merged his second agency, Middleberg Communications, with Laundry Service, a digital marketing agency. Within six years the firm grew from 3 employees to over 600 in 4 countries and was named to Ad Age’s 10 Best Digital Agencies. In 2016 Middleberg sold this agency to Wasserman Group. Don is currently providing marketing communications consulting for several organizations in consumer technology and B2B.

A noted author and lecturer on public relations, Don, together with Professor Steve Ross of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, co-authored the groundbreaking study, “The Media in Cyberspace.” Don is regularly called upon for commentary by numerous magazines and newspapers, and has appeared on CNBC, C/Net, CNN, and National Public Radio.



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by Don Middleberg, Member Gerbsman Partners Board of Intellectual Capital

“I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost 300 games. Twenty-six times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed…I’ve failed over and over again. And that is why I succeed.”
-Michael Jordan

The most important thing I’ve learned in business is that you can’t stand still. You must try things. Not all will succeed, but on balance, if you’re smart and thoughtful, things should work out over the long term. In the spirit of calculated risk-taking, in the first six months of this year Middleberg Communications was involved in three significant developments:

1. The move into social media through Laundry Service. While a lot of folks talk about having social media capabilities, there is a huge difference between working Facebook and LinkedIn pages and having an in-house video production studio complete with brilliant film editors, creatives and social media managers who understand and work all platforms. I love social media because it works. It removes one of the major stumbling blocks that has always existed for public relations – proven, quantifiable metrics. So when founder and President Jason Stein and I decided to get together, it was a natural fit. We formally joined forces February 1, and in the nearly six months together we have built LS into a near-$1 million firm.

Social media is now a major point of difference for us. Few PR firms have the chops to do both great media relations as well as incorporate a significant social media skill set.

2. The acquisition of G.S.Schwartz & Co. Jerry Schwartz and I have been friendly competitors for years. Our deal was completed on July 1, and was a natural move for both of us given that our respective firms work in many of the same vertical markets—consumer, tech, B2B, associations, financial and professional services. I now lead the combination of nearly 25 professionals, all in our offices at 317 Madison Avenue. I’m really pleased at how quickly and seamlessly the integration of culture and client responsibilities is going. We are quickly bonding and integrating client responsibilities. To Jerry’s credit, his team is enthusiastic, smart and each brings great skill sets to the table for the benefit of our clients.

3. I am pleased to announce that Rachel Honig and David Bray, Managing Directors of Middleberg Communications, have become principals of the firm. Rachel comes to the agency from the G.S. Schwartz acquisition. David has been with me since the first day I started the firm. Both are highly skilled communications executives, hardworking, and true professionals.

So now we are a solid mid-sized communications agency working in all mediums—print, broadcast, digital and social. We are doing some great, cutting-edge work for our clients. We are poised for growth. We are excited for the future.


Don Middleberg

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Article by Don Middelberg, CEO of Laundry Service and member of Gerbsman Partner Board of Intellectual Capital.

First the news: Yes, in addition to my role as CEO of Middleberg Communications I have become a Principal and the CEO of Laundry Service, a social media agency.

Why? Because I am absolutely convinced that Public Relations is now inexorably linked to social media and content creation. I have felt this way only once before and that was about the Internet. I now feel the same sense of excitement and urgency, and with the same conviction.

Roughly twenty years ago I told everyone and anyone that PR programs had to include Internet based communications. I totally dedicated my PR agency in that direction. It turned out to be the absolutely right move for our clients and for my agency. Today I feel the exact same way about Social Media. It is no longer good enough to simply help place client news in print and broadcast media. Communications now must encompass the tools of social media—to create exciting content covering video, infographics, games, blogs and mobile apps. All managed within the social media platforms that allow marketers and companies to reach and motivate their constituencies in new and exciting ways.

So we are in a new age of communications. One in which PR and Social Media must now be part of all communications programs. While many Advertising and PR agencies say they have a Social Media capability, it is usually not a core competency. That is why Laundry Service is an independent agency 100% dedicated to Social Media. Few firms in the nation have the chops to do both Public Relations and Social Media really well and even fewer have the strategic skill and experience to create fully integrated communications programs the way we can.

Together, Middleberg Communications and Laundry Service provide clients communications programming offering the very best of social media, public relations and interactive services to help companies build their brands and grow their business. 

I’ve never been more excited and very much hope to introduce Laundry Service to you in the very near future.

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Article by Middleberg Communications and The Society for New Communications Research (SNCR) released the Third Annual Survey of Media in the Wired World, a study detailing journalists’ use of social media.

Don Middleberg is a member of Gerbsman Partners Board of Intellectual Capital.

Journalists’ Use Of Facebook, Twitter, Blogs And Company Websites To Assist In Reporting Surges From 2009/2010 Study.

New York, NY – May 6, 2011 – Today, the Society of New Communications Research (SNCR) and Middleberg Communications announced the results of the 3rd Annual Survey of the Media in the Wired World led by SNCR Senior Fellow Don Middleberg and Jen McClure, president of the Society for New Communications Research. The study, supported by quantitative data gathered from 200 journalists, examined the effects and impact of social media, new media and communication technologies on modern journalism.

The study was released in a keynote address given today by Ms. McClure and Mr. Middleberg before the PRSA Digital Impact Conference.

The goals of the study were to:

– Determine how and why journalists use new media and communications tools

– Examine the frequency of use, preference for, and assess the value journalists place on these new tools and technologies

– Measure the impact new media and communications tools have on the way journalists work and solicit feedback on the perceptions journalists hold regarding the current trends in journalism

Of the 200 journalists surveyed, 90% were based in the U.S., 67% identified themselves to be either reporters or editors and most journalists’ surveyed worked in one of the following outlets: newspaper, radio, or television.

Key findings include:

– 75% of journalists use Facebook as a tool to assist in reporting, a 6% increase from 2010 study.

– 69% of journalists use Twitter as a tool to assist in reporting, a 21% increase from 2010 study.

– 68% of journalists believe that reliance on social media has increased significantly.

– 95% of journalists believe that social media can be a reliable tool for sourcing stories.

– 69% of journalists use mobile technology to search, use social networking apps, and capture videos and pictures for reporting.

Another goal of the study was to provide insights as to how public relations professional can understand these growing changes in modern journalism and how they can provide more value to the journalistic community.

Although social media is changing the profession of journalism by giving journalists new tools to assist with reporting, many journalists still prefer traditional communication and relationship building: 53% still prefer receiving emails and 34% still prefer receiving information via phone. Conversely, one 1% of respondents stated that they would like to be contacted via Twitter or a direct message via a social network.

According to one survey respondent, “New media aren’t ending journalism, but they are changing it. Journalists should no longer expect to be the sole source of information, but rather a guide and curator of content from multiple sources. Journalists will need to develop skills to tend stories long after the ‘deadline’ has passed, since updates are ongoing . . .”

“This year’s study shows that journalists are increasingly using social media in their research, story development and reporting,” stated Jen McClure. “Social media tools and technologies are being used by journalists to monitor issues, stories and content even after a story has been published. The publication of the story is no longer the end result. Today, media organizations and journalists also must serve as curators of content, are looked to to drive conversations, and expected to provide information to keep the conversation going even after the story has been published.”

“This study provided some very important findings for those of us in public relations,” Don Middleberg adds. “It is interesting to see that mobile technology is used as a tool to aid reporting and that journalists are using it to help generate content on the go. Twitter usage is also increasing dramatically.
What it all boils down to is that journalists are communicating in a variety of channels. It is incumbent upon those of us in public relations to know each channel intimately so that we have increased communications enhanced by technology and social media.”

For full survey results, visit http://www.slideshare.net/sncr/how-are-media-journalism-evolving or see the PDF on the Middleberg Communications homepage.

About Middleberg Communications

Middleberg Communications is a full-service, independently owned public relations agency with specialized expertise in the consumer, corporate and financial services, media, and technology markets. The agency focuses on delivering tangible results that help clients grow their businesses. Hallmarks of the firm are smart, creative strategic thinking; targeted media relations; and unbridled enthusiasm for clients’ business goals, all supported by good old-fashioned hard work.

About the Society for New Communications Research (SNCR)

The Society for New Communications Research is a global nonprofit 501(c)(3) research and education foundation and think tank dedicated to the advanced study of new communications tools, technologies and emerging modes of communication, and their effect on traditional media, professional communications, business, culture and society. For more information about the Society for New Communications Research, visit http://www.sncr.org.

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