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San Francisco, June 2016
Gerbsman Partners announces Strategic Alliance with David G. Rosenbaum – Rosenbaum IP

Intellectual Property Attorneys

Optimizing IP Portfolios for Value: Strategic Asset Positioning for Enhancing Exitability or Turnaround

Steven R. Gerbsman, Principal of Gerbsman Partners is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with David G. Rosenbaum, Rosenbaum IP.

Gerbsman Partners and Rosenbaum IP, P.C. have formed an alliance to leverage their respective experience and skills to optimize IP portfolio value for early stage, emerging and middle market technology companies. With compatible domain expertise across a broad technology spectrum, the alliance brings key insights to deliberate and strategic IP portfolio building, IP family packaging and identifying and targeting market value propositions to realize asset value.

Rosenbaum IP, P.C. brings 31 years of constructing and positioning IP portfolios with the primary objective being value recognition through financing rounds, licensing, litigation and/or M&A activity. Having provided a complete range of consulting, management, investment banking and restructuring advisory services for 36 years, Gerbsman Partners consistently assists clients in developing and executing their financial and capital formation strategies, providing access to capital markets and leveraging IP asset values to execute these strategies.

Rosenbaum IP partners with high technology companies to assist in developing intellectual property assets, formulating and executing strategic plans for achieving maximal value. The firm represents a diverse range of clients including

Emerging and Mid-Stage Companies;
Market-Based Companies;
Publically-Traded Companies; and
University and Research Institutions.
Rosenbaum IP’s clients represent a diverse range of businesses, including:

Pharmaceuticals; Electrical equipment;
Nutraceuticals; Computer hardware
Medical devices; Software;
Biotechnology; Geolocation systems;
Gene therapy; Targeted marketing advertising;
Genomics; Digital and analog electrical systems;
Nanotechnology; Food production and service;
Organic and inorganic chemistry; Private equity;
Biochemistry; Water purification systems;
Materials science; Exercise equipment;
Agricultural chemicals; Sporting goods;
Diagnostics and therapeutics; Nutritional supplements;
Medical testing equipment; Evaporative cooling systems;
Surgical instrumentation; Skin care products;
Plant breeding; Clothing;
Environmental systems; Motor vehicle assemblies and systems; and
Semiconductor processing; General mechanical and electrical technologies.
Industrial and medical lasers
Construction materials and equipment;
Gerbsman Partners focuses on maximizing both enterprise value and IP asset value for stakeholders and shareholders in under-performing, under-capitalized and under-valued companies. Since 2001, Gerbsman Partners has been involved in maximizing value for 91 Intellectual Property companies in the fields of:

Medical devices Wireless & Telecommunications
Life sciences Internet;
Solar Natural Resources
Fuel cells Logistics
Semiconductors Restaurants
Manufacturing Gaming
Financial Services Consumer products
Real Estate Medical Pharma; and
Real Estate; Digital marketing
The company has also successfully restructured or terminated over $810 million of real estate executory contracts and equipment lease/sub-debt obligations. Since its inception in 1980, Gerbsman Partners has been involved in over $2.3 billion of financings, restructurings and M&A Transactions.

Success breeds success. Gerbsman and Rosenbaum have collectively been involved in over $4.9 billion in IP based restructurings, M&A, financing transactions, licensing and litigation awards. Rosenbaum noted that “IP-intensive industries accounted for about $5.06 trillion in value added, or 34.8% of the 2010 U.S. GDP and in that same year merchandise exports of IP-intensive industries totaled $775 billion or 60.7% of total U.S. merchandise exports.” Recognizing this vast economic impact of IP, Gerbsman/Rosenbaum have teamed to create a new business model to maximize realization of the value embedded in IP assets. We achieve this by proving a seamless transition from IP asset development and acquisition to IP asset monetization.

In announcing this strategic alliance, Steven R. Gerbsman stated “the capabilities and access to David Rosenbaum provides Gerbsman Partners’ client base of venture capital, private equity and senior lending institutions an additional resource for access to maximizing and monitoring the value of IP. “David Rosenbaum is a person of high ethics and integrity and has demonstrated national and international credibility to develop and implement meaningful solutions in these challenging times.”

David Rosenbaum noted “Steven Gerbsman and Gerbsman Partners provides an additional link to various national and international capital providers and their client companies, so that they can have direct access to proven channels for evaluating and monetizing IP for their portfolio companies.”

David and I are available to strategize with capital sources and their portfolio companies, so as to provide additional access for maximizing and monetizing IP value.

Best regards



Mr. Rosenbaum’s patent practice specializes in biomedical, biotechnological, pharmaceutical, chemical, biochemical, semiconductor materials and processes, and computer software. As patent counsel to several major public universities, public and private corporations, and independent inventors, Mr. Rosenbaum has prepared and prosecuted patent applications in the fields of surgical implants, including cardiovascular stents and vascular grafts, natural and synthetic pharmaceuticals, electrophoresis devices and methods, diagnostic systems and methods, DNA transformation and transfection, oligonucleotide ligands, vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, drug delivery systems, immunology, ultrasonic, laser and cryogenic ablation catheters, nanolithography, atomic force microscopy, photolithography, vacuum deposition processes, including chemical and plasma vapor deposition, sputtering and ion bombardment processes, chemical sensor technology, resist technology, carbon nitride continuous solids and the use of finite elements analysis modeling for corneal remodeling. In representing both corporate and individual clients, Mr. Rosenbaum’s practice has included such diverse biomedical technologies as novel biomaterials, biomaterial surfacing technology, DNA and RNA hybridization, genetic testing, implantable vascular and endovascular devices, computer controlled laser catheters, synthetic peptides, chemical tracers for above-ground and underground leak detection, contact lenses, dermatological preparations, hydraulic shock absorbing pistons, misting devices for evaporative cooling, and water filtration systems.

Firm clients routinely call upon Mr. Rosenbaum to devise intellectual property portfolio strategies, licensing and merger and acquisition preparation, negotiation, due diligence and closing and counsel regarding patent landscapes, technology white-space identification, freedom-to-operate and non-infringement. Mr. Rosenbaum has assisted clients in a wide variety of contract negotiations, including technology transfer, cooperative research and development agreements, grant contracts, co-development agreements, sponsored research agreements, clinical trial agreements, cross-license agreements, merger and acquisition agreements and the like.

In addition to his transactional intellectual property practice, David has represented clients in patent, trademark and trade secret litigation. Most recently, Mr. Rosenbaum was plaintiff’s lead counsel in Augme Technologies, Inc. v. AOL, et al. and Augme Technologies, Inc. v. YAHOO!, both patent infringement lawsuits involved patents covering methods and systems for targeted marketing advertising over the Internet, is defense co-counsel in LAM Research, Inc. v. Xycarb Ceramics and Schunk Semiconductor, a patent infringement lawsuit pertaining to patents on semiconductor processing equipment, represented plaintiff in a patent infringement suit to enforce patents for insulating construction tarps in Midwest Canvas v. NTI, was counter-claim plaintiff’s co-counsel in Ingenix v. Symmetry Health Data Systems, Inc., a patent infringement counter-claim pertaining to methods of correlating medical claim information into Episode Treatment Groups. Mr. Rosenbaum also represents clients, with European Patent counsel, in several post-grant opposition proceedings before the European Patent Office Opposition Division and European Patent Office Opposition Appeal Board.

Mr. Rosenbaum holds a bachelor’s degree in General Science-Chemistry from Grinnell College and studied in the Ph.D. program in Pharmacology and Toxicology at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Since graduating law school in 1984 from the Illinois Institute of Technology with honors (Chicago-Kent College of Law), Mr. Rosenbaum has been the managing shareholder of Rosenbaum & Associates, P.C., a managing patent partner at the national law firm of Sonnenschein, Nath & Rosenthal, and the managing intellectual property partner at two general practice firms in Phoenix, Arizona. David has served as patent counsel to major universities, local, regional and national corporations, private inventors and start-up and emerging companies. David has been an adjunct professor at The John Marshall Law School in the L.L.M. Program in Intellectual Property Law and at Grinnell College, Grinnell Iowa.

David provides pro bono legal services to several start-up companies and non-profit organizations engaged in providing mentoring for entrepreneurial start-ups.

Mr. Rosenbaum is admitted to practice in Arizona, Illinois, in several federal trial and appellate courts, as well as the United States Patent and Trademark Office. An active member of multiple bar and industry associations, Mr. Rosenbaum serves as a member of committees on M&A, biotechnology law and university patents, and has been a featured speaker at national legal and industry conferences. David is the author of the best-selling book Layman’s Law Guide to Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights and is a co-inventor of U.S. Patent Nos. 7,980,289 and 7,122,049 and U.S. Patent Application Publication Nos. 2009-0043191 and 2007-0061006.

Steven R. Gerbsman – Crisis/Turnaround CEO/Restructuring Professional, Private Investment Banker, Founder of Gerbsman Partners

Steven R. Gerbsman is a nationally recognized Crisis/Turnaround CEO/Restructuring Professional and Private Investment Banker who has been involved in maximizing enterprise value, stakeholder and shareholder value in a broad variety of industries. He has worked with a wide spectrum of senior and junior lenders, bondholder groups, venture capital and private equity sources, private investors and institutional groups. He has acted in the capacity of Crisis/Turnaround CEO, Chief Restructuring Officer, Crisis Consultant, Private Investment Banker, Examiner for the Office of the United States Trustee, a member of the Board of Directors of various companies and Advisor to stakeholder groups.

Mr. Gerbsman has over 45 years of senior management, marketing, sales and finance experience and has been involved in various business and investment ventures as an Officer, Director, Consultant and Investor, both in the US and internationally.

Since 1980, he has been in the business of maximizing enterprise value for highly leveraged, under-valued, under-performing and under-capitalized technology, life science, medical device, solar, digital marketing/social commerce and information/cyber security companies and their Intellectual Property, as well as assisting technology, digital marketing and medical device companies with strategic alliances, M&A, distribution of content and licensing. To date, Mr. Gerbsman has been involved in over $2.3 billion of restructuring, financing and M&A transactions. In 2000, he also began focusing on Israeli and European technology and life science companies, with the objective of providing access to the US capital markets and developing strategic alliances, M&A and licensing opportunities for them.

In 1999, Mr. Gerbsman expanded Gerbsman Partners’ “Board of Intellectual Capital” as a resource to rapidly identify business and marketing strategies, strategic alliance candidates and financing for its client companies and their Intellectual Property. This distinguished group includes nationally and internationally recognized financial, communications, media, advertising, public relations and technology senior operating executives.

Mr. Gerbsman has also assisted numerous Venture Capital/Private Equity Investors in terminating/restructuring their real estate and equipment lease executory contracts. To date, he has been involved in terminating/restructuring in excess of $ 810 million of real estate, sub-debt and equipment lease executory contracts and since 2001, has maximized enterprise value for 91 technology, life science, medical device, digital commerce, solar, information and cyber security and fuel cell companies and their Intellectual Property.

Prior to forming Gerbsman Partners in 1980, he was President of four operating divisions at ITEL Corporation with responsibility in the technology, leasing and business sectors. Mr. Gerbsman began his business career at the IBM Corporation in 1967.

Mr. Gerbsman received a BS degree in Accounting from Hunter College, New York and attended the Baruch Graduate School of Business, in New York City. Mr. Gerbsman has also been a guest lecturer at the McDonough School of Business MBA program at Georgetown University, at the Haas Graduate School of Business in Berkeley, California and a Mentor at Stanford University in the Stanford Engineering School via STVP (Stanford Technology Ventures Program) and SCPD (Stanford Center for Professional Development). He is a Director at the Kentfield Fire District, where he has previously served as Chairman.

Phone: +1.415.456.0628, Cell: +1 415 505 4991
Email: steve@gerbsmanpartners.com
Web: www.gerbsmanpartners.com
BLOG of Intellectual Capital: blog.gerbsmanpartners.com

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