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Dear Colin Kaepernick and Megan Rapinoe

I walked on sacred ground today, the American Cemetery in Normandy, France where over 9000 United States Soldiers are buried.  These Soldiers represent all races, creeds and color and fought and died to preserve the freedom and democracy we enjoy as US citizens.

We live in an imperfect world.  A world where there is injustice in many areas, but a world where, as a US citizen, the significant majority of people live in freedom, have the ability to express their constitutional opinions and have hope for the future, due in part to these courageous soldiers of World War II.  Our/My “Flag- Old Glory”, symbolizes, salutes and represents to most the sacrifice that those who were put in “harms way”.  We are a democracy with freedom to pursue all forms of life and all religions and the significant majority having “hope for the future” due in part to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

While I, as a US citizen, agree with your right to protest and represent your beliefs, I do not agree with your actions regarding Our/My Flag.   I ask you to consider that when one protests, one should provide solutions and action plans and not be part of the promoting the problem without options and recommendations on how to solve them.

Mr. Kaepernick and Ms. Rapinoe, I ask you to consider visiting Arlington National Cemetery and the American Cemetery in Normandy and at least acknowledge an understanding of what Our/My Flag symbolizes and means to the significant majority of Americans.

As the blood flowed on Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944, our brothers and sisters in the first waves were like the NY Firefighters who walked up the stairs of the World Trade Center on September 11. 2001.  They knew they were in “harms way” and that most would not survive.  They represented our fight for democracy and allowed both of you today to have the freedom and right to express your opinion, as you have.

The acknowledgement and understanding that Our/My Flag, among other things, honor those who serve, protect and sacrificed their life.

Thank you for your consideration.

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