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“To the memory of one who once was, and to the knowledge that our AEPI Brother, Steve Zawel, will be in our hearts & minds forever
We lost a longtime friend and AEPi Brother last week.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Steve Zawel’s wife Mady, his two sons and their family.
Their has been a lot of correspondance from his friends and Brothers and all said the same thing.  A good person, a good husband and family man, a Grandfather who adored his grandchildren and most of all, a person who had a zest for life.
We remember Steve standing on the bookshelves of our Fraternity House in the Bronx singing and dancing to “Twist & Shout”, playing the piano and directing shows and at our reunion dinners, always a smile, always joking, always being a friend.
By background, the “Boys from AEPi at Hunter College in the BRONX” were a joyful and free spirited bunch of guys, with Steve leading the way.  We all either were first or second generation young men who came from working class families and had a drive to succeed.  We grew up during the “Age of Aquarius”, the Vietnam War and the turbulence of the 60’s.
During this time, Steve was always special because of his creativity, his music and his desire to make people happy and feel good.
During the past week, many of my Brothers have reminced about Steve, but also asked “Where and How did the past 50 years go by”.  As I have discussed with my Brothers, “we are in the Autumn of our lives” and Steve’s passing in another wake up call to enjoy friends, family and out AEPi Brothers bond.
Going to a city school in the 60’s was interesting.  Tuition cost $ 24 a semester, books were not expensive and our biggest cost was travel, either by car or train.  Most of us didn’t really know what we were going to do after our graduation and it is interesting that the majority of my Brothers have been productive adults as lawyers, accountants, investment bankers, entrepreneurs, senior corporate managers, teachers, senior government officials, etc. and also the former Chief Investment Officer at Goldman Sachs.
I bring this up as Steve has been the conduit for many of us to reconnect over the past weeks.  To “remember when”, but also to enjoy “today” and have hope and continued friendship in the future.
Over the past years, we have had our “AEPi” reunion dinners with a core group of people.  Steve being one of them.  As my dear friend and Brother Jack Max said to me today -“Its time to reconnect with all our Brothers and enjoy the memories of the past and link them to the joys of today”.
So, Steve, you are in ‘Gods Hands” and may your rest with the knowledge that you made a difference to both your family and to your AEPi Brothers.
I and others will be saying “Kaddish” along with other Brothers for you with a loving memory.
“The Boys from AEPI at Hunter in the BRONX” will toast you at our next reunion.
With respect, with love and friendship – from your Brothers

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