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Article from GigaOm.

For some odd reason, I felt that it was slim pickings when it came to stories for this weekend. It just might have been my NyQuil. Here are some great stories for you to enjoy while you relax over the next two days.

  • More drugs, more sports, same old Alex Rodriguez: By now you may have heard about New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez being embroiled in another performance-enhancing drugs scandal. Well, what you might not have done is read the whole 4,500 word piece that started it all. Miami New Times‘ Tim Elfrink in this old-fashioned investigative piece shows you don’t need to have a big budget to write stories that change the game.
  • In conversation with John Cheever: The Paris Review goes back in time and brings to us this conversation with one of America’s beloved writers.
  • Living the American Dream in West Bank: Vice‘s Kiera Feldman goes to hang out with Israel’s illegal homesteaders.
  • Home alone, no really: A Siberian family was cut off from the world for 40 years and lived blissfully unaware of World War II. Great piece.
  • The Art Collector: Steven Cohen, the man behind the hedge fund SAC Capital that is consistently in trouble with prosecutors over issues of insider trading, seems to spend hundreds of millions buying up rare and expensive art. I guess one has to do something with all that money. This is a great profile in n+1 magazine.
  • The parking meters and the coming revolution: Just a great little piece.
  • The spy novelist who knows too much: The New York Times reports on Gérard de Villiers, an 83-year-old Frenchman who writes pulp fiction books — four to five a year — and they are, well, literally ripped from the headlines. Someone please help me get the English translations.

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