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TO ESPN: sent to our family from another Tom Mitchell supporter ——I feel that you guys should do a story on Tom Mitchell. Tom just completed one of the hardest tests an athlete could face. He will tell you in his own words that he is “not a runner” however he just completed the Tahoe 200 Ultra marathon. He also would be a perfect person to be awarded the ESPY Courageous award next year. You see, Tom ran the ultra marathon to help bring awareness and funding to childhood cancer, carrying 200 children’s pictures (one for each mile) with him to honor them as he battled each and every mile.

He did this to honor his daughter, Shayla, who died from the effects of Childhood Cancer. But he also did this for all of his “Renegades” who have or are currently fighting childhood cancer. This one man raised over $215,000 for his non-profit, Stillbrave, which helps families pay for things not covered by insurance. You want to find someone courageous? It’s a man who puts everything he has as a father in order to keep his promise he made to his daughter which was to remain Stillbrave and to keep fighting for all of the kids. This man “Gives a Damn” and you should too….

Please click on this link and watch “Tatoo Tom Mithell” complete the “Tahoe 200 Ultra Marathon”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BTQDzXKU4s

This is what “courage, commitment and love” is all about.  Keep on fighting for kids with childhood cancer.

Please support this cause – to http://stillbrave.org

With much respect

The Gerbsman family

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