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Here is a good reflection from VentureWire and a few selected vc´s. Makes for a good read.

“When I first began working for VentureWire in 2004 after laboring as an editor on Dow Jones Newswires’ public-equities desk, I studied up on the mechanics of venture capital – how funds work, how term sheets are structured, all the financial minutiae that makes the industry tick.

I learned about the people and companies that shaped its origins, the emergence of Sand Hill Road and Silicon Valley, the boom years that created overnight rock stars and the ensuing bust that tore them down just as quickly.

And while I’m continuously fascinated by all these changing dynamics, what really keeps me going as the editor of a venture-capital trade publication are the stories behind the stories. For very few people can spin a yarn as well as a longtime venture capitalist.

In that spirit, and to celebrate VentureWire’s 10th anniversary this week, our reporting and editing team asked VCs to give us one of their favorite personal memories of the venture capital business in the past decade or so. Some VCs had trouble choosing just one memory, while others recounted the colorful story behind an investment. The following is an edited compilation of selected answers. While this is just a minuscule sampling, we wanted to give our readers a chance to reflect on something positive at a time when gloomy news is the norm.”

To read the full article by Scott Austin at Ventures, click here.

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This current economic crisis has started to hit VC´s as well, Zero Stage Capital dissolves.

Zero Stage Capital, a life science and IT venture firm, dissolved last year after several poorly performing funds, according to limited partners. The firm’s few remaining portfolio companies have been transferred to a newly created firm, Vox Equity Partners, managed by the son of Zero Stage’s managing director.

Originally based in Cambridge, Mass., small business investment company Zero Stage raised a $150 million sixth fund in 1999 and a roughly $160 million seventh fund in 2001. In April 2005, the firm told VentureWire it had scrapped plans for a larger, $250 million eighth fund after several personnel changes, scaling back plans to raise a $150 million vehicle for buying struggling venture-backed businesses.

Yet by 2008, according to one limited partner who wished to remain anonymous for this story, the firm was run out of Managing Director Paul Kelley’s Sommerville, Mass., home as he worked to wind down its operations.”

Read the full VentureWire article by Jonathan Matsey here.

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emphasys-logoEmphasys Medical Inc., a Redwood City, Calif.-based medical device company focused on emphysema, has retained Gerbsman Partners to find a strategic buyer, according to VentureWire. The company canceled an IPO last spring, and before that had raised around $80 million in VC funding. Shareholders include Advanced Technology Ventures (17.8%), Morgenthaler Ventures (13.8%), St. Paul Venture Capital (11.5%) OrbiMed Advisors (13.7%), ABS Ventures (10%), Morgan Stanley Venture Partners (7.4%), Cargill Ventures (6.1%) and Neww Enterprise Associates. www.emphasysmedical.com

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