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Here is another merger bit of news from TechNewsWorld.

“If regulators approve Comcast’s acquisition of a majority interest in NBC Universal, the cable company will instantly become a major content producer, going head to head with ABC, Viacom and Fox. “Comcast believes that controlling content will ensure the future successof its distribution system,” said entertainment-corporate attorney Jeff Liebenson.

It’s official: Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSK) has engineered what appears to be the biggest media joint venture of the year — a multibillion-dollar merger that will combine General Electric’s (NYSE: GE) NBC Universal with Comcast’s own cable networks.

Once complete, Comcast will take majority ownership of NBC, ending GE’s 20 year control of the network. It is a complex transaction that, among other things, requires GE to buy Vivendi’s 20 percent stake in NBC for US$5.8 billion — a deal within a deal that was agreed upon last month.

Terms of the transaction call for Comcast to pay GE some $6.5 billion and contribute programming valued at $7.25 billion in exchange for its 51 percent stake.

The merger still must meet regulatory approval, which may require that Comcast make certain concessions. Already some members of Congress are calling for hearings to determine the merger’s impact on consumers.

NBCU chief Jeff Zucker will report to Stephen Burke, Comcast’s operating chief, who will oversee the takeover once the deal is complete.

For all the complexity surrounding the transaction, its end goals are fairly simple: GE wants to focus on other elements of its diverse corporate kingdom. Comcast wants access to content for distribution on its own networks.”

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