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According to a recent report from Informa Telecoms & Media, worldwide mobile penetration has hit 50 percent. Informa claims that there are 3.3 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide. At the end of September there were mobile networks operating in 224 countries, which is up from 192 countries in 1997 and 35 in 1987. Even though there are now an estimated 3.3 billion mobile subscriptions activated currently, Informa cautions that some countries have a mobile penetration rate of more than 100 percent, meaning some users have more than one subscription.

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Tony Fish, a member at Gerbsman Partners Board of Intellectual Capital has received a nomination as one of the top 500 influencers from the UK paper Guardian Unlimited and Courvoisier The Future 500.

Tony Fish, author and founder, AMF Ventures, London Fish is involved in technology, media and telecoms industries, building hi-tech companies since 1994. He is the founder of AMF Ventures, a strategic consultancy focused on the move to 2.0. Mobile Web 2.0, Fish’s second book, focuses on the changing relationships between mobile, TV, web and print, and the uniqueness of mobile metadata.

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