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flixwagon_logo.jpgRecently, Mashable, Techcrunch and others have posted some good articles on mobile broadcast video. A number of companies have recently launched Mobile broadcast services; FlixWagon, Qik and Youtube´s recent addition of direct upload capabilities in the Latest API all supports this trend – mobile broadcast.

Where I am very skeptical to the live mobile-to-web broadcast option, the pre-packaged service to record and upload mobile video directly is neat and useful. The problem of the mobile video and mobile broadcast today is that while it is recorded on mobile, users download the clip to their PC´s and then uploaded to the web – which limits many good clips to reach the masses on the web through its complexity.

These small Java applications are easy to install and easy to use. With the pre-set upload assistance, mobile videos are uploaded directly to the web either as live streams or saved clips. Where geeks and techies where the only ones capable of this before, anyone can now make it happen. I wonder how quickly manufacturers and Telco´s will jump on this and pre-install these applications and affiliations to drive usage and network traffic.

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